Dam across the Bering Strait, the most ambitious project of the Soviet Union

Another 29/01/20 Dam across the Bering Strait, the most ambitious project of the USSR

to Calculate the consequences of the realization of this project — no easy task. In the 1950s in connection with the development of the peaceful atom in the USSR began the large-scale projects: some wanted to turn the Northern tide of the river and drink water Sands Asia, others wanted to create on the spot bare steppes of Kazakhstan flowering gardens, and others — to dig a tunnel, which will connect Sakhalin island with the mainland.

But the project of a dam in the Bering Strait, which was to block the sea and to join the USSR from Alaska, was probably the most ambitious.

the Author of all counted

the author of the project, which, except the USSR, was part of the United States and Canada, was a talented Soviet engineer Petr Mikhailovich Borisov, who after the war, he retired and began to develop the theory of climate change of the Earth man. As an atheist, he believed in the power of the human mind and really wanted to Yakutia “growing oranges”. His theory he outlined in the book “Can man change the climate”.

the climate in the Northern latitudes of Eurasia depends on two currents — the warm Gulf stream, which is formed in the Equatorial waters of Intelligence, and the cold Anadyr current. The warm waters of the Gulf stream coming from the South to the Western shores of Europe, envelop him, entering the Arctic ocean, where it slowly cooled, separating into several branches, and returned to the Atlantic. The reason for the return partially becomes cold Anadyr current, which as if “back” of the waters of the Gulf stream from the Bering Strait, not allowing them to penetrate further South. Because of this, the Gulf stream off the coast of the Soviet Union moves slowly in — the-water need five years to reach the coast of Chukotka during this time it cools, and why the coast is very cold. To speed up the movement of the Gulf stream in the Arctic and to change the climate of the USSR in the direction of warming, Borisov and created a dam project, perahoriwausa the Anadyr current.

From Chukotka to Alaska

the Project would be a Grand — dam was totally covered 86 km of the Strait to a depth of 59 m. It was to consist of huge concrete blocks of 250 m X 40 m X 60 m, pack ice had just crawl through it, at least they offered to “black” to melt or to ward off the pressure of the water. The dam had to pass the railroad that connected the two continents. But that’s not all. The project involved pumping water from the Arctic ocean in the Indian and had 2.5 years to accelerate the promotion of the warm waters of the Gulf stream to the coast of Chukotka. During this time, Petrov thought, the water heated in the Atlantic, will not have time to cool and can give its heat to the Northern shores of the Soviet Union. In Yakutia, it will be possible to grow fruit: mandarins and oranges, the Arctic ice will melt, freeing the passage for navigation, and the tundra will finally find out what a tropical summer. Petrov believed that the warm water of the Gulf stream can heat at only the Soviet North, but also Alaska, to melt the ice of Canada.

To power the huge pumps in the us and the Soviet shores of the Bering Strait should put a nuclear power plant. The power of the pump had to be to be able to drain the Arctic ocean on 10 m. of Course, the construction of the dam could be carried out only in the case of support project in other countries. Fortunately, this did not happen not only because of the beginning of the Cold war, but also due to the fact that scientists realized — they have no tools to calculate the consequences of the construction of the dam.

What would happen to the Earth?

it is Now clear that the project would lead to catastrophic climate change in the vast territories of the planet. The fact that the Gulf stream is a circular flow: it cools the water goes back into the Atlantic to warm up there and come back to the shores of Europe. And there are two versions of events. If the pumps of the dam began to offer the water through the Bering Strait and cold waters of the Gulf stream would start PostupAMB to the shores of Japan and Polynesia, there would come a sharp cold snap, which, in turn, would cause a lowering of temperature in Primorsky Krai and on Kamchatka and on the West coast of the United States — off the coast of San Francisco and California. The violation of the circulation of the Gulf stream could cause a complete stop in the Atlantic, raising from the depths of the cold mass of water that literally led to the “freezing” of Europe and the widespread occurrence of Arctic and eternal ice on the entire Eurasian continent — this option is counted Russian scientists from the Institute of cell Biophysics under the guidance of a specialist global ecology, Biophysics Valery Karnaukhov by order of the Ministry of emergency situations. That is, instead of oranges in Yakutia would be a new ice age.

due to the emergence of permanent ice at the mouths of the great Northern rivers — the Yenisei, the Ob, the Dvina, the Lena, Kolyma and other rivers have started to flow, changing course and flooding huge areas of tundra that would lead to disaster: in Siberia would have formed vast shallow sea, the water of which, having broken the European continent, would don the biggest river in the world. Krasnodar Krai and Crimea go under the water; neither of which Northern navigation could not go and speeches. But even if by happy coincidence, the Gulf stream is preserved, that the warming in Soviet and canadian tundra would cause melting of the pack ice and permafrost, the formation of a huge swampy spaces, and most importantly — the planet’s atmosphere burst would be billions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane, whose reserves are kept under the ice. This option calculated the American climatologists from the University of Colorado David Lawrence and Andrew Slater. They calculated that the emission of gases would lead to a greenhouse effect, which would hurt the entire planet — lowland and mouth of rivers has gone under the water, the outlines of the continents changed, and the climate would become unbearable. And if the planet and its flora and fauna have been able to adapt to new conditions, the browhuman civilization would have to survive: countries on the equator have struggled with drought, and Canada and Russia — with the collapse of the soil, destruction of roads and whole towns with catastrophic floods and with the formation of the “drunken” forests.

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