for the First time since the end of the aid program for Greece, the Finance Ministers of the Euro-zone concrete Debt have approved relief for the Mediterranean country. Firstly, the Transfer of the interest of the European win Central Bank (ECB) and national Central banks from Greek bonds. In addition, the creditors want to dispense with previously planned increases of interest rates for the loans from the second bailout package.

Greece is Relieved, therefore, to the amount of 640 million euros from interest-rate win with Greek state bonds and by avoiding increases in interest rates for current loans in the amount of 330 million euros, as Euro group chief Mário Centeno said after a Meeting in Bucharest.

This relief, the Euro countries had committed to the country for the time after the auxiliary program. The Euro partners and the International monetary Fund (IMF) had not saved the debt-stricken Greece in 2010, loans of a total of almost 257 billion euros multiple times before the state is bankrupt because the country was credit worthy. In August 2018, the third credit program ended, the state budget is now stable again. In March, the government in Athens was for the first time in a ten-year government bond – a long-running credit.

The payments were supposed to start months ago. But this was delayed by the lack of reforms that Greece had until the end of the year 2018.