The Stuttgart-based lawyer Eckart Seith has been spoken in Zurich of accusations of economic espionage. It was imposed for inciting to a breach of the Bank act, however, the penalty on probation, the judge of the district court in Zurich. Seith is known in Germany to ensure that he is helped by a method, the tax scandal with Cum-Ex-transactions, uncover.

A co-accused in German, was sentenced in a case because of economic espionage and received a sentence of 13 months probation and a fine. Another co-accused, German also received a monetary penalty on probation. Seiths lawyer immediately announced an appeal. “A dirty judgment,” said Seith after the hearing.

Seith was accused the Swiss Bank J. Safra Sarasin spied on and to have by means of the two German confidential Bank documents concerned. The prosecution asked for him three and a half years in prison without parole. Seith rejected the allegations of a criminal act.

Bank secrecy for years, a charming topic

Seith came in the role of the educator through a process he led for the drugstore entrepreneur and billionaire Erwin Müller. Had lost 45 million euros in funds with the Cum-Ex-transactions, which is the purpose of the Sarasin Bank. With the so-called Cum-Ex-Deals, banks, investment advisers, and customers were actually profits at the expense of the taxpayers. The gap in the law that made this possible, was closed in 2012. Investment funds were using transactions in shares around the dividend record date of capital taxes refund, which they had never paid.

lateral raises until 2017 full damage of a ride set, because he proved, that the Bank Müller had not informed about the risks. He presented internal documents of the Sarasin Bank, the him, as he says, anonymous was playing. For the Swiss, but it was in the process of evaluating the Cum-Ex-transactions, but the Bank secret, has been for years a controversial issue between the neighboring countries.