Abroad for A couple of Keynsham is in the south-west of England, all 17 months of the gender of their baby, Anoush a secret from the outside world. According to the mother of This Room (38) and father (Jake England-Johns (35), which is a conscious choice. “We want to give our child a to protect against already unconscious biases about gender, in order that he or she is given the chance as a stand-alone, boy, or girl develop it.”

parents, as they said yesterday on the BBC, even the children of Anoush left in the dark about his or her family. One of my grandmother’s, it would have to be aware of, because they have recently been at the watch out of the diaper on the baby, it had to change. For example, the couple, the grandmother, and then explicitly asked for the sex of the baby, to himself. And that’s where they end up.

you can also Read it After coming out as non-binary in: singer, Sam Smith doesn’t want to, “he”, but “them/they” are to be referred to as the Clothing,

for example, If the parents of a child in the street, get a Anoush clothing, of which the gender is not obvious. One day, wear the baby, tough, jongenskleding, and then a little meisjesoutfit. “We are not waiting for traditional responses based on gender. That’s why we call him or her aware of it,” said the father. The pair won’t stop there. Rather, they have is that their child is being contacted by “them”. Is Anoush used as both a boy and a girl. Thus, it may be our son or daughter to grow up in their own “bubble”, and without any pressure from outside, to choose what he or she is.”

It’s a boy or a girl, which is not yet in the war, it would be because of the way in which he or she may be held liable, not only did the boys and girl dress up him or her. This boat, the mount, is also full of toys that the little one is in all directions you can. So typical of guys, and meisjesdingen as toy cars or dolls. “It’s up to your child to decide which to play,” said the mother, who wants that Anoush is a happy, < / i> person, it is. “Anoush is one of our delicious baby’s, be it what it may, it is going to be.”

This couple is an active member of the organization of Extinction patrick’s day celebration the earth and want to protect it from the effects of climate change, is given in his own words is also critical. Mother: “Almost everyone wants to know what is Anoush’s. And that we can give him or her to consider it as genderneutraal is a lot of people in it. But we have to keep a foot in each. It is in his or her life. The judgment of the outside world.”


According to the father, his wife, and he’s on the street, many of the interesting and positive discussions about the importance of taking a gender-neutral child-rearing. “That’s what we’ve already achieved,” said the father. “Our vision has had a positive impact on the society around Anoush. It is becoming more and more understanding.”

Your parents don’t know how long they have for their son or daughter, ‘it’ or ‘them’ as. If their child is old enough to make it clear one way or the other, to bring them out. Up to that time, Anoush pick and choose what he or she wants to be. To the father: “one day, and he or she wants at a theefeestje to play with dolls, and then back into the mud, with a motorfietsjes. He / she has the choice, has not yet been made. We are curious to find out what he or she in the future will be carried out. Anyway, we respect each and every choice. By the way, boy, girl, or even a different shape. It’s all good.”

Anoush parents are not in the first, a father and a mother who has a child genderneutraal now. In the past few years, a worldwide multi-couples / something like this is done. They gave their children the names of which, like Anoush, there is no gender could not be determined. After a period of time, they will always be with the truth to the outside.