ARCHIV - 23.05.2022, Berlin: Ein Polizist steht während einer Pressekonferenz am Kottbusser Tor vor der geplanten neuen Polizeiwache. (zu dpa «Politisch motivierte Dienstvergehen: 74 Verfahren eingeleitet») Foto: Christophe Gateau/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A man who was diagnosed with a corona infection spat in the face of a police officer in Berlin-Wedding on Wednesday morning. This was announced by the Berlin police on Thursday.

Accordingly, the crew of a radio car had discovered a man during a patrol at around 8.25 a.m. on Reinickendorfer Straße, who repeatedly hit the window of a pharmacy. He then raised his arm and punched a passing cyclist in the head. The woman stopped briefly, but continued on her way.

As the police further announced, the officials then stopped the radio car and ran towards the man. He suddenly spat and hit a police officer in the face. Immediately afterwards, the 35-year-old coughed on the officials twice and said he was corona positive.

The police then overpowered the man and tied him up. He resisted with punches and kicks and slightly injured two police officers on the hand.

According to the police, a check of the arrested person showed that there was actually a daily PCR test with a positive result. The 35-year-old was taken into police custody for a blood test ordered by the public prosecutor.

Since he subsequently complained of being unwell, the rescue service called him and took him to a hospital for further care.