For the time being, relaxed corona rules apply to entry into Germany. Holiday returnees and other travelers no longer have to have 3G proof of being vaccinated, recovered or tested, according to a regulation by the Federal Ministry of Health that came into force on Tuesday.

Self-government, telematics, Morbi-RSA: The briefing on health

The previous obligation to provide evidence for everyone over the age of twelve could be omitted in view of the current development of the pandemic. This should serve to facilitate travel. The regulation in the relaxed version initially applies until August 31.

Basically, as an “emergency brake”, stricter rules for areas in which new variants of the corona virus are circulating remain in place. Travelers from there have to go into a 14-day quarantine in Germany, even if they are vaccinated or have recovered.

However, there is currently no country on the corresponding list of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) that has been classified by the federal government as a virus variant area.