today is appalled to the research community: at the end of November 2018, the Chinese researchers He Jiankui has claimed that he has changed two of the embryos genetically and, in the meantime, the twins born had been. He wants to have built-in the children of HIV protection into the genome.

The special feature of the procedure: In the Embryo-adapted genes are later in the adult to be found in all body cells and are passed on to future generations. At the same time, the risks of such an intervention for current and future generations are difficult to comprehend. This is exemplified by a new study.

According to the investigation of Thomas Carmichael of the University of California in Los Angeles the same Genk structure of the gene constellation, which is supposed to protect the twins, allegedly from HIV, helps stroke patients at the time of Regeneration.

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people without the CCR5 Gene after a stroke faster fit again

the First indications there was from older studies. In 2016, researchers working in mice have shown that injuries of the brain heal faster, if the Gene CCR5 was blocked. There are new Connections to replace the function of dead neurons partly formed more easily.

scar and inflammation in the brain of mice after the stroke (above), Regeneration (below)

in Addition, the mice learned better and more easily able to remember, if you were a drug, the CCR5 suppressed. Is used the substance is actually, in the case of HIV-patients to prevent the Virus from spreading in your body.

Now, the researchers documented how the 446 patients recovered after a mild or moderate stroke as they run better or talk learned. It occurred to me that those with the CCR5-Gene in nature, was missing sections better. Also in Tests on memory, the expression of ability and attention span, they performed better, the researchers write in the journal “Cell”.

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Eternal noise in the head

“said We are the first to demonstrate a function of CCR5 in the brain of the people,” Carmichael, according to “Technology Review”. What is the impact of the failure of the gene in the Genschere Crispr-modified babies in China has, however, not to say. For this reason, the experiments were also so irresponsible.

It was a big difference, whether it produces a broken body function or ability to fundamentally improve, the researchers stressed. Therefore, it is unclear whether the missing Gene makes the twins, especially smart, or above average memory.

Maybe it provides only that they would recover after a stroke faster, just like people, the Gene does not carry naturally. In addition, the researchers concerns on the page of the “Daily Mail”, that is an extreme reminder not necessarily of advantage to be: The brain is not functioning so well, because it is able, unimportant information to sort out.