Ein durch Poller geschuetzter, gruener Radweg neben einer Strasse mit Markierungen. Berlin, 26.07.2019. Berlin Deutschland *** A green cycle path protected by bollards next to a road with markings Berlin, 26 07 2019 Berlin Germany PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJaninexSchmitz/photothek.netx

The protected cycle path in Neukölln’s Hermannstraße is apparently mutating into an endless construction site. After the first bollards were erected in January, the construction work was delayed until the beginning of summer. It was originally planned to finish bollarding and marking the southern section of Hermannstraße by the end of March. Now the construction site is pausing again.

The reason: Missing bollards. “After the work was finally able to continue and more bollards were set, there will unfortunately have to be another break,” said Christopher Dathe, spokesman for City Councilor Jochen Biedermann (Greens), and referred to delivery problems with the bollards in question.

According to his knowledge, these should be available again in August, after which bollards should continue to be removed. Overall, however, Dathe is optimistic: the planning and coordination for the further construction of the cycle path in the northern part of Hermannstraße up to Hermannplatz are “on the right track”, he said and announced: “The work should start as early as possible in 2023”.

The problem of the missing bollards does not only affect Neukölln: The cycle path in Müllerstraße in Wedding, which has been planned for twelve years, cannot be cleared at the moment due to delivery problems. Here, too, the district office refers to delivery difficulties.