The German construction industry has achieved in the last year, the best new business for nearly 24 years. The companies were granted the 2018 contracts with a value of 79.5 billion euros, ten percent more than in the previous year, as the Federal statistics office. Even better results were last updated in 1994, with 80.8 billion euros.

Particularly strong, the order last December. The construction industry has seen orders worth 7.3 billion euros and as many as never before in this month. Reason for this is mainly the number of large orders, according to the statistics authority.

The nominal sales of the sector increased by 2018 to around eleven per cent to 127 billion euros, also a record. The associations of the construction industry (HDB) and the small and medium-sized construction industry (ZDB) informed. “2018 has far exceeded our expectations,” said HDB chief Executive Dieter Babiel. The high turnover, however, rising construction prices, which rose by nearly six percent.

The company benefited, approximately from the strong demand in the housing market in big cities like Berlin. Low interest rates also make the house-building for private individuals, still attractive. In addition, real estate due to a lack of Alternatives are considered to be popular investment. The state can also build on the basis of record surpluses.