As a reaction to the power struggle in Venezuela, the United States announced sanctions against the state Oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). The punitive measures should remain in force until a transition government or a democratically elected government in the South American country was in office, said Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin on Monday in Washington. The operating in the US and PDVSA subsidiary Citgo, which operates, among other things, the tank, is allowed to continue according to his information, but your business.

The regulations are intended to ensure that U.S. refineries, which directly depend on oil Supplies from Venezuela may continue to be operated. Citgo will continue to remain operational, as long as the appropriate payments to blocked accounts and not the of the US no longer recognized the socialist government of Nicolás Maduro to flow.

Trump considers himself a military Intervention open

The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, called on the Venezuelan military to stand behind Guaidó and “the peaceful, democratic and constitutional power to accept bills of exchange”. On the question of whether President Donald Trump was considering an Intervention of the U.S. army in the South American country, confirm Bolton, that Washington is keeping “all options” open.

Venezuela’s self-appointed transitional President Juan Guaidó announced to take over the control of the foreign assets of the state. This should be prevented, according to his words, the government enriched according to their possible overthrow.

In Venezuela, a power raging battle between Maduro and the opposition to the President of Parliament Guaidó. After a failed uprising by the national guard and the protests of the Opposition Guaidó had agreed on Wednesday to interim President. Maduro had triumphed last year, in the case of non-democratic elections and have, therefore, no legitimacy, he said. The United States and a number of other States have been behind Guaidó. However, the Venezuelan military is so far behind Maduro. Also Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey continue to Maduro.

The Oil sector is the backbone of the economy in Venezuela. The foreign exchange earnings of the country come to more than 90 percent from the sale of crude oil and Oil products. In the country the largest Oil reserves in the world: It has more Oil than Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia or the USA. However, the state monopoly PDVSA is not able to lift the treasure. Citgo Petroleum in the United States assets of Venezuela’s most valuable overseas.