The trade Union ver.di has been completed with the low-cost airline Ryanair for the first time, a collective agreement for the approximately 1,100 stationed in Germany flight attendants and flight attendants. Were told agreed, among other things, to 600 euros per month, higher the basic salary, additional salary increases of up to 250 Euro and social plan rules in the case of dislocations, such as the trade Union.

will for the First time applied for the employees of the German labour and social security law, said.di Board member Christine Behle. The regulations also apply to temporary Agency workers in the cabin. A conflict there is in the formation of a works Council.

The Irish airline had declared that in 2017, under the pressure of personnel bottlenecks, ready, for the first time, to conclude collective agreements. The dispute, therefore, was accompanied by several strikes and flight disruptions in the past year, met a lot of passengers and the profit of Ryanair reduced.

The contract was in November, an agreement on the key points ahead of gone, the the ver.di-members had approved by a large majority. Ryanair did not comment initially.