05.09.2022, China, Luding: Rettungskräfte bringen Überlebende in die Stadt Moxi im Kreis Luding in der südwestchinesischen Provinz Sichuan. Bei einem Erdbeben in Südwestchina sind mehrere Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Foto: Hong Fule/XinHua/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After the earthquake in southwest China, rescue workers are looking for possible survivors and hundreds of missing people in the rubble. According to state media reports, the death toll rose to at least 65 by Tuesday. According to the state broadcaster CCTV, more than 6,500 helpers were sent to the affected province of Sichuan.

Television footage showed rescue workers pulling a bleeding woman out of the rubble and carrying a survivor on a stretcher across a makeshift bridge. The weather service meanwhile predicted rain for the accident region, which could hamper the rescue and search work.

The 6.6-magnitude tremor shook Sichuan province on Monday, and there were several aftershocks. The tremor was also felt in the provincial capital of Chengdu, where millions of people are currently stuck in their homes under a strict corona lockdown.

Houses were destroyed, there were landslides, and many roads were still blocked on Tuesday. Electricity, water and communications were also cut off.

There were also several aftershocks, one of which measured 4.2. Communication with the outside world was disrupted for 35,000 households, as reported by the “Volkszeitung”.

More than 40,000 people were without power. The rescue forces were supported by transport helicopters and drones for aerial reconnaissance. Heavy equipment was also used to clear the area.