Florian Langenscheidt © Sonja Trabandt

It was exactly 25 years ago. I was a new children’s Fund to establish the organization, which goes with the watering can around the country, but the children and young people is so strong that they can create their own power your way out of Hunger and poverty. Since the customer is calling magazine a large credit card company and asks me for a column. Affluent readership, but no fee – because I wanted to create at least one more value through my Text and wrote it as a call to the whole world, to participate in the establishment of the “Children for a better World”. The response was overwhelming, and shortly thereafter my then wife and I with 30 great people founded an Organisation that now has become big and strong, and in many cases was excellent. Of the 320.000 D-Mark in Working Capital of almost EUR 40 million have been, and we were able to help over the years, hundreds of thousands of children substantially.

2007 then the state, and Verd was finally Mature eighth the amount is for contributions and donations are tax deductible. Finally, a sign: Any privately issued money helps more efficiently than the state can, especially since Emergency is often very minoritarian and, therefore, not with the Run on the majority of the parliamentary democracy fit together. We wrote to the Federal Council decision in 150 children with an affinity for the wealthy and well-Known and collected five million euros to the Foundation, which should make the Efforts of our club in a sustainable way.

This Text comes from the magazine TIME for entrepreneurs 1/19.

Two months later, I spoke in front of 200 Family business owners about the DNA of your Ministry. Only five minutes at the end of my speech, I spoke about our Plan and said spontaneously, who feel, should give me in the first coffee break, a business card with a contribution for the Foundation located in the Foundation. Never have I collected in five minutes for more money: There were over 600,000 euros. So much warmth of heart, pleasure in decision-making and financial power, there is nowhere else in the world. Family entrepreneurs have been able to build an unwavering Foundation of values on the generations. You are radically the economic stability and profitability, but also leave a meaningful mark in the history of mankind. Think long term, Yes, in terms of generations, and always beyond the horizon of the Current and Fashionable. Sustainability is not a concept, whose content would have to learn.

Florian Langenscheidt

The entrepreneur, founded in 1994, the children’s aid organization “Children for a better World”, the 25. Birthday starts a national poster campaign, I’ll GIVE and all to Join in calls: www.children.de/ich-geb-ab.

there May be a stronger basis for economic action? Daily we read of anonymous stock-exchange listed companies think only of quarterly results, the stock prices up more quickly in the face of mass redundancies, the pay hardly any taxes and corruption allow. How reassuring that most of the work for a German company at least as profitable, but with other methods. When entrepreneurs, through a sense of purpose, identity mediation, more and more social functions, are a family business, therefore, those in which one feels as an employee most likely to be comfortable and safe. Like in a family.