CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja has accused the traffic light of acting too slowly in combating inflation. “I’m afraid we’re running out of time when it comes to inflation,” Czaja told the Tagesspiegel. The “concerted action” against the wage-price spiral announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz must come faster, he complained.

It is true that Olaf Scholz wants to sit down with unions and employers for the concerted action. “However, he does not want to do that until the beginning of July. He’s wasting valuable time again,” criticized Czaja.

The CDU General Secretary also accused Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck of insufficient commitment in the fight against high fuel prices. “Mr. Habeck has been saying for months that he wants to call the cartel office. So far, these announcements have remained. “The government has been standing still for weeks.”

Czaja also fears that high inflation could exacerbate the problem of child poverty. From the point of view of the CDU Secretary General, the basic child security announced by the traffic light comes too late. It will take time for this to be introduced. “Until then, children affected by poverty should receive an immediate bonus of 20 euros per month. That’s already being eaten up by all the price increases,” said Czaja. Even the child bonus in the latest relief package is not enough. “Basic child security should come much faster.”