Denial, to be outraged at the mention of an interrogation that went wrong, saudi Arabia would be on the point of change of line of defense in the case of the journalist who disappeared two weeks ago after having penetrated the wall of the consulate in Istanbul. According to sources cited by the New York Times and CNN Monday, October 15, saudi Arabia is preparing to defend a new version of the facts to exculpate the power by bearing the responsibility for the disappearance of individual elements accused of having acted on their own.

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Tuesday morning, the secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, who was sent by Donald Trump, has arrived in Riyadh to shed light on this matter. It will also meet the strong man of the kingdom, Mohammed Bin Salman, crown prince of the dynasty of the house of Saud. The day before, Mr. Trump himself had admitted that the disappearance of the journalist saudi Jamal Khashoggi ” could be the result of uncontrollable factors “. Mr. Trump has made these statements after being looked after in the day, by telephone, with the king Salman of saudi Arabia. Earlier in the morning, Mr. Trump had mentioned this exchange in a tweet : “I just talk to the king of saudi Arabia which says it all ignore what has happened to “our citizen of saudi arabia” (…). I immediately sends our secretary of State to meet the king. “

The Turkish authorities have searched in the night of Monday to Tuesday, the saudi consulate in Istanbul in the framework of the investigation on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. The Turkish officials claim that the journalist was assassinated by saudi agents in the premises of the consulate, which Riyadh denies. A convoy of six cars arrived in the diplomatic representation, under high security, on Monday, shortly after 19 hours. Police officers, some in uniform and others in civilian clothes, are immediately entered into the building. A group of Saudis expected to participate in the excavation had arrived on site about an hour earlier.

Eight hours of excavation

at the end of a search without precedent for a duration of eight hours, members of the Turkish team returned to their vehicles and left the scene. They took samples, in particular of the earth in the garden of the consulate. This search occurs in the aftermath of a telephone conversation between the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and king Salman, in the course of which they have referred to the case of Jamal Khashoggi. The columnist of saudi arabia, criticism of authority, Riyadh, and who is exiled to the United States in 2017, was made in the diplomatic representation of the 2 October for administrative procedures in view of his upcoming marriage with a Turkish Hatice Cengiz.

If the new version that is apprĂȘterait to deliver Riyadh may be a portent of a crisis after a rise in tensions between saudi Arabia and its western partners, it may not be at the cost of maintaining shadows around the disappearance of the journalist of saudi arabia. In fact, Turkish officials have made emerge in the course of the last two weeks of the elements pointing to the premeditation of the murder, with particular highlight some of the precautions taken upstream by “a commando of killers” with a view to eliminating the body.

For example, according to Turkish officials, a forensic doctor with a bone saw for dismembering the victim’s body to better conceal himself would be found among the fifteen people in saudi arabia who were accused of being linked to the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi. The latter had landed by private jet to Istanbul on 2 October, the day of the disappearance of the journalist, before going to the consulate of the kingdom.