Now he sits behind bars again. The man who always has asserted his innocence and until the beginning of March with a grim yet triumphant expression, the prison was allowed to leave, had to go back on Thursday morning Japanese time in his cell in Tokyo. One of the most spectacular criminal cases in recent years in the next round. On the one hand, seem to get richer income-millionaire. Opposite him, a hard justice, the more and more questions: it Has spanned in spite of everything, maybe the bow?

The case of Carlos Ghosn began at the end of November, when the former chief of car maker Nissan and Renault, at the time of his landing in private jet in Japan directly from the airport in a police car. The accusation against the native Brazilians with Lebanese parents: between 2011 and 2015, he had income in the amount of the equivalent of € 38.8 million fraudulently concealed and, thus, his employer, Nissan, as well as the Treasury cheated. From the once celebrated Manager, the refurbished Nissan, cost reductions, and thus, almost the Status of a pop star had received, was within days of a criminal. The Public was sure that Ghosn must be guilty.

In the Japanese context, the statistics speak first against the Manager. Because the Prosecutor’s office is active, the cases with a probability of over 99 percent with a guilty verdict against the accused. Critics emphasize, however, that many of the judgments are spoken on the Basis of debt confessions. And, in turn, Amnesty International is, among other things, to bear in mind, enforced by harsh interrogation methods sometimes. Finally, the judiciary can detain people for up to 23 days without formal charge or access to a lawyer, which can then be used by a Neuverhaftung repeat.

Obscene income

Carlos Ghosn sat in a total of 108 days, until he at 6. March, was released on bail of the equivalent of 7.9 million Euro. This Coup, the Ghosns array of several prominent lawyers, was for Japan’s justice of a Surprise, as well as the re-arrest. The current allegations against Ghosn resemble namely, the old, relate to a different period of time. Between 2015 and 2018, the 65-Year-old is said to have caused by Embezzlement of approximately 4.5 million euros in losses at Nissan.

Ghosn, had the conditions for his release last hardly any access to the Internet or text messages, see his “rights as citizens” is now injured. He asserts, moreover, that the cash flows of which he is accused had violated no law, and his employer had been informed in the relevant extent. Only on Wednesday, Ghosn announced, via Twitter, to want to for next Thursday for a personal press conference, at which he would inform about the truth of his Causa. Now it’s out of the Ghosn-Camp, the justice and Nissan wanted to make the arrest quickly silenced.

What is the offense has made Carlos Ghosn really guilty? The moral obscenity, exorbitant income claim, it is difficult to dismiss them out of Hand. For his Post at Renault, Nissan, and from 2016 Mitsubishi Ghosn conceded last almost 20 million euros in the year. Even in the more than princely-paid class, the group of bosses that is a lot of and set up for Japan, also a record. Ghosn took five times as much as Akio Toyoda, leader of Toyota, the largest car maker in the world. Also, the private jets, the lavish homes around the globe, and other Extravagance, can the man not just to look good.

Less clear, however, is whether he has really broken the law. Stephen Givens, a Professor of law at Sophia University in Tokyo, wrote in an editorial for the world’s largest economic newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun that the allegations of Ghosn would justify, under Japanese law, not a prison sentence. Increasingly hear, that the Management of Nissan, which struggled against one of Ghosn planned merger with Renault, wanted to get rid of your boss and, therefore, delivered.

Should be made Ghosn mellow?

In the eyes of the public Prosecutor’s office could, in turn, is consuming the true Offense Ghosns, but greed. This is Tomohiro Ishikawa, who wants to speak from experience think. As a member of Parliament the left-liberal Democratic party of Ishikawa in 2010 for accepting a bribe, was indicted funds. After three weeks in detention and a day of twelve hours of interrogation without access to a lawyer, he eventually made a weakened confession, was sentenced to two years. “They make you go to the confession, which corresponds to their own ideas,” said Ishikawa in an interview with the British broadcaster BBC about the Japanese interrogation techniques. And: “you have not written down what I said.”

is Not excluded against this Background that Carlos Ghosn is now to be mellow knocked on the door. Could such an allegation substantiated, would not only damaged the Reputation of the Japanese case law, but also that of the public Prosecutor’s office, whose impulses to give in to the justice so frequently, arg. According to Tomohiro Ishikawa, the prosecutors today, in times of rising economic inequality in Japan is also politically motivated. “You want to have a name as an Institution that brings the Rich.”

Embarrassing it would be for the Japanese judiciary if the current case at the end of this impression would remain. The frequently expressed demands for a fair administration of justice in Japan would be particularly ironic, coming from the mouth of Carlos Ghosn, according to the sound. Of the much is finally known: If there has been no prison tyres in breach of the law, then he knew at least how the existing rules can bend it into, so that he will have to pay an astronomical income as little tax as possible.