The car manufacturer Opel has for the first time since 20 years, is back in the black. Operating profit, or earnings before interest payments, taxes, depreciation and amortization – amounted last year to 859 million Euro, informed the French parent company, PSA. The German subsidiary have achieved a return of 4.7 percent.

Opel had made since 1999, its British sister brand Vauxhall no full-year profit. The car manufacturer Opel had belonged since 1929 to General Motors and at one time was the largest car maker in Germany. From August to December 2017, the manufacturer had a loss of 179 million euros. Opel has reduced following the Acquisition in August 2017 by PSA in 2017 and the work on short-time working reduced.

PSA boss Carlos Tavares said that Opel had laid with his reorganization plan the basis for a sustainable future and wants to “further potential”. The total turnover of the group increased by 18.9 percent to 74 billion euros. The net profit of the PSA grew by 40.4% to € 3.3 billion.

Opel aims to return under new parent company, PSA to Russia. In the next few years, the PSA wanted to sell outside of Europe more cars, the company said.