The US carmaker Ford plans to cut 5,000 jobs in Germany. A Ford spokesman confirmed. Previously, the city of Cologne was reported by the Gazette, that so at least 500 million dollars are to be saved. This is clear from a Letter from the management to the employees. Of the job cuts, the locations in Cologne, Saarlouis and Aachen are affected.

“This announcement is part of the already in January announced restructuring for Ford in Europe with the aim to return to Europe as quickly as possible is a profitable business,” said the company spokesman.

early retirement from 50 years

Ford wants to “layoffs avoided,” said the newspaper, according to the letter. The job losses would be achieved through severance pay for Workers up to 49 years of age, and early retirement of employees over 50 years of age. The company was able to achieve in the past ten years “is not a sustainable positive operating result”, cited the sheet from the Writing. This was necessary to Ford in a long-term perspective.

Ford in Germany has approximately 24,000 employees, of which just under 18,000 in Cologne, Germany, 200 in Aachen, Germany and 6,000 in Saarlouis. This is the core workforce; in addition, the temporary workers, the number of which is unclear. The announced job cuts, which affect both the regular workforce and the contract workers.

Volkswagen had announced a few days ago and deletions. At the core VW brand passenger Cars will be eliminated in the next five years “through the automation of routine about 5,000 to 7,000 Places to work,” said Volkswagen. Accordingly, the Jobs of employees who retire are not re-occupied. Also, the Ingolstadt manufacturer Audi has announced plans to lower the cost.

Despite the diesel scandal, the Volkswagen group delivered in the past year as many vehicles as never before. The profit rose to 2018 by six percent to 12.1 billion euros, as the group had communicated.