The Volkswagen group wants to emphasise its core brand, VW passenger Cars in the next five years, thousands of jobs. The companies assume that by 2023 “through the automation of routine about 5,000 to 7,000 Places to work” abolished, announced the Volkswagen. Accordingly, the Jobs of employees who retire are not re-occupied.

The group wants to make up for the cost reduction, lower year to 5.9 billion euros. At the same time, additional funds are to be invested in electric mobility, digitisation and new mobility services and about 2,000 jobs in the development Department. Expenditure is set to rise according to Volkswagen until 2023 19 billion, eight billion more than originally planned.

The day-to-day business competent Manager Ralf Brandst├Ątter, the previous savings praised programs. So VW have already achieved a lot. “But we need to do significantly more in order to cope with the upcoming challenges also in the time after 2020,” he said. Chief financial officer Arno Antlitz said, Volkswagen wants to be his “strategic claim in the electric age”. Particularly in the current year, a “key year for the Transformation of the brand”.

In the fall of 2016, the company had agreed with the workers already have a savings program that runs until the end of 2020. It provides for the global reduction of 30,000, with 23,000 of them in Germany. In return, according to the plans of 9,000 jobs to be added in the future, areas such as software development. Redundancies are excluded until 2025. The program should bring an improvement in earnings of 3.7 billion Euro by 2020 and the productivity of the plants will increase significantly.

Despite the diesel scandal, the Volkswagen group delivered in the past year as many vehicles as never before. The profit rose to 2018 by six percent to 12.1 billion euros, as the group had communicated.