(OTTAWA) Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly said Tuesday that Canadians evacuated from Sudan “have been through hell” and that Ottawa will do everything possible to help that country find peace.

Ms. Joly is wrapping up a visit to Kenya, where she heard from people who have escaped violence in Sudan. She also met with leaders from East African countries to discuss what Canada could do to help bring peace to Sudan.

In an interview with La Presse Canadienne from Nairobi, Ms. Joly said Canada should and could help by delivering humanitarian aid, calling for safe routes for aid agencies and raising its voice. civilians in this bloody conflict.

The minister maintains that Sudan relies on a dynamic civil society which must have a voice in the future of this country plunged into serious violence, while two rival generals fight for power.

Ms. Joly is especially concerned that this crisis will spiral out of control and lead to violence in countries neighboring Sudan.

She says she also took advantage of the trip to meet with senior Kenyan officials about possible partnerships with Canada in areas such as vocational studies.