The canadian government allows for proceedings against the chief financial officer of the Chinese IT company Huawei, Meng Wanzhou,. It’s a question of whether you can be extradited to the United States. The U.S. Department of justice has brought criminal charges against Meng, your company and two subsidiary companies. The authority accuses you in 13 charges, among other things, to have business with Iran, contrary to sanctions failed. In addition, Meng is to have the banks provided false information. Add to this allegations of money laundering and industrial espionage.

in Canada, the Chinese had on 1. December taken, at the request of the United States. Meng was released on bail and under strict conditions, first of all; you must not leave Vancouver. On 6. March is to be placed before the court a date for the hearing of the extradition request. Ultimately, the decision about an extradition of the canadian Minister of justice. The case has charged the Chinese-canadian relations seriously; China ordered the canadian and the American Ambassador.

Meng insists, according to her lawyer, David Martin, on your innocence. He wrote that the allegations of the United States were of a political nature and were in Canada, no crime. Also, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa expressed its dissatisfaction. It was “political persecution of a Chinese High-Tech company,” she wrote. Similar to Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei had also commented Mengs father.

experts believe that allegations of excessive

The United States have repeatedly warned of possible backdoors in Huawei equipment, which could be used for espionage or worse. In the changeover to the new mobile radio standard 5G, the U.S. government therefore advises to all countries, Huawei ruled out. Otherwise the USA threaten, indirectly, with sanctions: Mike Pompeo said this would not only endanger the intelligence cooperation with the United States, but could also have a relocation of US military bases. The message is likely to have been subject to, among other things, the Nato partners Poland and the Czech Republic that rely heavily on Huawei. The US government fears that Huawei provides its products with Software, the Chinese intelligence services could use to start traffic the deduction of the tire or interference.

security experts believe the spying allegations against the group are unfounded. If the Chinese wanted to manipulate the global systems, would you do the same, however, regardless of the type of equipment used, says Jan-Peter Kleinhans of the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung in Berlin. Also Priscilla Chamberlain moriuchi, the service NSA was up to 2017, the US intelligence for East Asia, responsible, referred to the danger of back doors in Huawei devices as “virtually zero” and “because of the possibility that they would be discovered.” Because such involvement would no longer be denied, is likely to threaten the company with significant economic damage. In her time at the NSA, you’ve checked together with colleagues in Huawei’s products, but never any instructions on appropriate manipulations of found, says Chamberlain moriuchi, who now works for the IT security firm Recorded Future.

governments in Europe are not taken in view of the doubt so far on the course of the Americans. But pressure from the United States is on the rise. The cyber security policy competent US Diplomat Robert Strayer said on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with a law in 2017, the Communist party of China force “their citizens and firms to participate in intelligence activities”. Also Huawei is therefore obliged to follow instructions of the government. On demand of reporters Strayer said, but why about a Router, or radio stations by Huawei for abuse are more vulnerable than those of the competition.

the Chinese company was Founded in 1987 by a former military engineer. In the General Public it is today, especially for its Smartphones to be known. In the field of communication equipment, Huawei broke in the year 2017, the Swedish competitor Ericsson as a world leader. According to its own information, the company today supplies 45 of the 50 world’s largest telecommunications providers and has 30 operators contracts for testing with the 5G Standard.