Can trade even when the Apocalypse: read the sparkling thoughts of the ills of the city and the arranged marriage of a businessman

Journalist Alina Sevastyanov went for an interview to one of the largest developers of Novosibirsk Igor Belokobylsky, the Director General of GK “Swifts”. We talked about business in Siberian, the death of the real estate market, the ghetto of Novosibirsk, the Apocalypse and humanization Novosibirsk. What came of it — read our material.

, About the death of the real estate market

the real estate Market is evolving, where rebirth means death first, and then the opportunity to gain a new breath. The construction market has managed the longest to resist the trends of the market society. Back in the mid 2000-ies the first violin is played here by the immigrants from the so-called Soviet industrial sector, whose main objective was the square meters at any cost, and the interests of the buyers out there do not even smell. Consumer demands and expectations of society have developed, accumulated, and builders responded to these expectations in zhlobski.

And this was manifested everywhere, from the exterior and interior and ending with the fulfillment of its obligations under the terms and quality. Sadly, society will disentangle this for a very long time.

About project Finance and arranged marriage

After the adoption of amendments to the Federal law 214 in 2014, resulting in a mutual insurance society began that year, the innovation. At some point I ceased to be involved in this and went to Moscow only in order to be aware of. Because of this, eighteen months before the introduction of the law on project financing with escrow accounts, this novel found out, and to be honest, the idea seemed too crazy to be true.

However, from July 1, 2018 law on project financing with escrow accounts came into force. What have we got? The algorithm is not, the financial system and the builders are not ready — and this is 1000 times worse than a marriage of convenience.

About time bomb dprocedure and Noev Kovcheg

On March 1, 2020 of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation published the statistics, according to which in the Novosibirsk region there were 35 projects with an escrow account, at the time, as usual the work was a little less than two hundred projects.

the Industry very carefully to this ideal, though, because she has no financial competencies, but there is a tradition of funding the population that much easier. In the end the people that put lay bricks, definitely I can not think of sophisticated financial models which can convince the credit Committee of the Bank. And the bankers, too, have no competence, understanding of the construction industry, people and responsibilities. But for the builders this situation is mandatory, and for the bankers, optional: can enter but can not enter.Don’t like means don’t. In fact it is only interested PJSC Sberbank and JSC House.of the Russian Federation. Private banks in this celebration of life — once.

the Swifts built his ark: our 80% of the projects funded the project with escrow accounts. 1 Jul entered the last item under the old legislation. The changes will lead to a sharp reduction in the number of new startups under the new conditions. While on the other hand, the government is pumping liquidity: reduction of the key rate to 4.5% is obliged to lead to another fall in the number of mortgage rates. This will further enliven the demand. This is the best measure that had to be done in order for the industry to support. But the demand is there and supply is shrinking. To sell tomorrow, you had to start building in 2018, and the number of these buildings have large developers coming to an end.

About hottest year

the Presence of small players who built a single object, motivated. They invented a lot of different ploys that have been very interesting, kept in good shape. But for small companies this ditch project financing does not jump. All this can result in a tantrum buyers when waiting for Padetion of prices or a sharp rise, and a collective psychosis that leads to bad decisions. Next year will definitely be hot, we often recorded transactions per day. And then begin to cool. I would really like to get my business remained on the market, where main buyers, not the sellers.

About offline, and the Apocalypse

It’s time for us to move easier, because even in 2014 the Swifts rapidly began to increase its digital component: remote transaction and service, digital marketing. Now these optional toys we turn to the elements of the combat business. And when we abruptly closed on quarantine, it only took one day to rebuild the system. In the evening of this day we registered our first contract in these circumstances. I think the Swifts can trade even in the Apocalypse. Efficiency 100 times higher when you zoom in — don’t drink coffee, no one talking, no distractions. Coronavirus showed clearly a vector of the future society, where to fall off a huge number of habits and part of off-line habits will go nowhere.

About sores, ghetto love

unfortunately, in some districts of Novosibirsk is the formation of asocial environment. This sore is. When the Novosibirsk get rid of it, he will be truly happy. People who were at these locations, frequently made consumer mistakes, naively, and they don’t deserve such a fate.

I love Novosibirsk. Our city is like a growing teenager. He quickly his pants are torn, become small. The drive, which develops the city, where I met a few. If someone starts to say that we have a gray city, I urge him to go back to 1988 to remember what the city was faceless and seemingly unpromising. Now there are a number of comfortable spaces, which have gained our city only because of the entrepreneurs and their love for the city. It sure is not for oil dollars or from the Federal budget, it is done at the initiative of the people and their resources. And this enchanting contrast to other major cities of the country.

About the fact that in Novosibirsk, two misfortunes

we Have huge arrays in subcentral part of the city filled the private sector. And this problem the city could blow up. If a lot of people ugly, so is the private sector. Yes, the right to private property is and should be. But if it was done this part, visually, the city would have looked 1000 times finer. We, on the one hand building of large sports objects and a Collider, and on the other hanging cotton briefs with polka dots. From my point of view, the center of the city should be city, the business part. Live there do not have.

And wonderful places in the city of the sea. We have clearly formed the atmosphere, and in this sense in Novosibirsk every piece, even in a modern building, it is independent, Academic, Zoo, Kotovsky, Bogdashka.

About Novosibirsk and digital society

the Present shake-up brought by the coronavirus, is a bell. Industrial society ended long ago, post-industrial comes to an end. And now with the other canons, methods of business organization, patterns of human behavior — starts digital society. Our town, 100% fit to be the leaders of this digital world and society. There are a lot of young people with brains, ambitions, creative potential to realize themselves. Some even began to return from Moscow from abroad. Together we will build the city, the space where we live, to walk, to have fun. We give the opportunity for our children to get an education, becoming a cultural, to realize leadership ambitions.