Car is in For a lot of people, Tesla is the ultimate example of a forward-thinking automaker. But even in Silicon Valley, they are curious to China, where manufacturers may still have more to make. Brands such as Byton, which is Tuesday, and the electric SUV, the M-Bit has to be presented, with serious intentions, ready to conquer it.

Byton in hong Kong, was founded by former employees of the BMW, with the strong support of the Chinese government. The purpose of the device is to be, not only in China’s huge, but it is also in America, Europe, and japan). That is the brand to get through its models, is to stop using the most modern technology. In your own words, make Byton, in fact, no cars are there, but moving the smart devices .

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Who is the production-ready version of the M-Byte, for example, will indeed have the feeling of being in a large smartphone to be seated. On the dashboard, there is a very large screen with a diameter of 48 inches (1.2 m) over the entire width of the car. According to its creators, it is the curved screen, the largest on any production car in the world. There is also a display on the steering wheel (over the airbag) that allows the driver, various functions can be operated, and, as if that were not enough, it is featured in between the front seats is even, a touch screen

front passenger’s seat.