The Elsflether shipyard, the school ship of the German Navy Gorch Fock is currently being repaired, is insolvent. The new chief Executive, Axel Birk announced, the company will file for bankruptcy. Objective of insolvency proceedings in self-administration. First, the ARD had reported about it.

According to the ARD report, the yard has outdoor stands in the tens of millions. Several sub-contractors have received thus for several months of the company any more money. In the shipyard in lower Saxony, wesermarsch, you do not want to comment officially on the report.

Gorch Fock is since 2016 in the Elsflether shipyard, and will be completely overhauled. The cost of the restructuring are increased further and have also brought Federal defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in expository. In December, the Navy ordered a payment stop. Up to this point have been invested according to the Ministry, approximately 69.5 million euros in the restoration of the training ship. The total cost is now estimated at 135 million euros.

As the ARD reported, to decide, in the Ministry of defence in the coming weeks whether and how the rehabilitation of the Gorch Fock. This Wednesday the future of the sail training ship of the Navy will also be a topic in the budget and defence Committee.

The Left party Deputy Matthias Höhn called the events surrounding the three-master in an interview with the Rheinische Post, a “Posse and policy failures at the same time”. For him, it was incredible that the yard was always hired back, even though their repairs are becoming significantly more expensive. Höhn, had to perform advertised for the current renovation contract for four more yards, according to the Ministry, are all capable of the maintenance.