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Who ordered the broker pays him. In the case of rental housing that is far from usual. This is called the order principle should apply, according to the plans of the Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) in the future for the purchase of real estate. For this, she has submitted to the other Ministers of a draft law. The SPD hopes to acquire the high purchase in addition to free fall, the hold of especially young families, a residential property. Because even if the policy has already been introduced in the baukinder money: Particularly middle-income families can’t make it, the necessary equity to raise.

The ordering principle would make real estate financing a little easier, hoping the SPD. Today, six to seven per cent fall in average from the purchase price alone for the broker. Have to pay typically the buyer even though the broker is mainly on the Initiative of the seller. Add to that about two percent of the purchase price for notary and land registry fees and land transfer tax, which is, depending on the Region of between 3.5 and 6.5 percent. In the case of a home valued at € 350,000, a minimum of 38,500 euros of purchase in addition to costs from the equity due. Of this amount, the broker would collect a minimum of 21,000 euros. In many cases, not more than an appointment to carry out and to make a statement.

The Ministry of justice has calculated that the buyer could and the buyer through the ordering principle per year to more than three billion euros, relieved. After all, according to the Federal Statistical office, more than half a Million residential sold real estate per year, with a good two-thirds of the Deals of the brokers are involved.

the agents Be unemployed?

Finally, it would take a number of property owners at the point of sale, in order to save the cost. The SPD-led justice Ministry expects about ten per cent job loss for the brokerage industry, which is approximately 660 million Euro. The Ministry is, nonetheless, that the industry will cope with falling demand.

the experience shows in the case of rental housing, the demand for brokers has not decreased by the ordering principle dramatically – many Landlords and owners, it is still too time-consuming to take care of yourself to the housing Agency. In addition, a sale of real estate is a far-reaching decision as a rental.

Association warns of more expensive real estate

The real estate Association IVD believes that the ordering principle of the purchase of the real estate prices could plunge. The cost for the placement of your object back in, would the seller beat the brokerage fee on the sale price on it, claims of the IVD.

Actually, the prices for residential real estate have been rising for years. Is show detects the increase in the home price index, which has climbed since 2000 from 84.4 to 110,8 points in the year 2017, as Figures from the Federal Statistical office. The IVD also argued that with rising real estate prices, the real estate transfer tax increase, thereby reducing the overall costs would increase.

this is True? Analyses of the letting market show that the ordering principle has not necessarily led to rising Rents, however, engages here, but the rental price brake. Such a mechanism there is not in buying real estate.