From a variety of places in Europe, more than 16,000 vakantievierende the British restored it to the house.

On the fourth day of the repatriëringsactie from the manufacturer reisoperator Thomas Cook, with over seventy flights are scheduled, please let luchtvaarttoezichthouder the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stated.

See also the London research records that Thomas Cook can be reclaimed

From “Operation Matterhorn,” as the recovery of a total of about 150 000 tourists, as it is reasonable, in the first three days, more than 30 per cent of the affected holidaymakers have recovered. Also, a total of 150 employees of Thomas Cook’s sailors.

The CAA will, until the end of next week, with the fly back to Uk as tourists. In total, there are more than thousands of flights before they planned. It is the largest Uk repatriëringsactie in a time of peace.