“The implications of the decision of the Chamber is serious,” said Theresa May, following the rejection for the third time. By 344 votes to 286, the House of commons refused to adopt his support of the agreement negotiated by the First minister with Brussels. The prospect of an exit of the Uk from the Union, without the agreement becomes more plausible to 12 April. The Westminster Parliament will consider, however, Monday, other scenarios (all rejected last Wednesday at Westminster) to break the deadlock. Theresa May had put his resignation in the balance to get a positive vote. This has not been sufficient. Donald Tusk announced the convening of a european Council meeting on 10 April. Any new request for extension shall require the unanimous vote of the 27 and will force the United Kingdom to participate in the european elections. The Brussels Commission said it was “now fully prepared for a scenario “without agreement” at midnight on April 12.”

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The discussion – rituals and repetitive – have set the stage for the same characters. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the labor party, denounced the “chaos” in which Theresa May has plunged the country. “The government has played shows as an attempt to blackmail the mps in each round of voting, he said. This government is in chaos, the country is in chaos, and the only one responsible for this chaos is the government. The First minister has postponed the vote in December because it knew that this would be a failure. And since, in more than three months, nothing has changed. Not a single word of the 600 pages of the withdrawal agreement, not a single word of the 26 pages of the political Declaration has not changed. Today, the government is trying to save the furniture by putting to a vote an agreement detrimental that we have rejected twice. But as always, the First minister refuses to hear. […] Today’s votes are an affront to democracy and an affront to this country. “

despite scottish

on The side of the pro-independence scottish, spite prevails in the face of a power of attorney in london who does not consent to take into account the fact that 62 % of Scots voted against Brexit. Their spokesman at Westminster, Ian Blackford, has denounced the autism of power. “Westminster does clearly has no interest in doing what is right for Scotland […], attack the mp, scottish, native of Edinburgh. Westminster has no authority on the rights and freedoms of the scottish people. And Westminster will never be an authority higher than the sovereign rights of the Scots to define their future and their choice to be a european nation. […] This conservative government has squandered $ 4 billion in the preparation of the no-deal. This money should never have been spent and a long time ago that we would have had to exclude the absence of an agreement as a possibility. “

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” We know very well that the pro-independence scots don’t want to Brexit, whether they wish to remain in the EU, whether they wish to remain in the common agricultural policy, that they want to stay in the common fisheries policy. Nothing good for the fishermen, scottish, nothing good for scottish farmers ! ” retorted Theresa May during a debate that preceded the vote. Accused by Stewart Malcolm MacDonald, a supporter of scottish independence, not having vested sufficient powers to the scottish government to legislate in economic and social matters, and thus protect the Scottish people from the consequences of the withdrawal agreement, Theresa May was crazy : “The government has given to the scottish government of delegated powers. He has done nothing except, of course, the prerogative to increase taxes ! “

An issue before the April 12

the head of The government, therefore, has not managed to convince the Parliament to approve this withdrawal agreement, which was the condition sine qua non, asked by the european Council, obtain an extension until 23 may (the time to adopt the complementary texts). “To approve the withdrawal agreement today avoids falling off the cliff in two weeks, she had pleaded before the vote. This eliminates the need to organise european elections. This avoids a long extension that, in every case, is different, and it may destroy the Brexit. […] Approve this withdrawal agreement is a pre-requisite. And in the next negotiations, we commit ourselves to grant a significant role in Parliament throughout the process […]. So by voting for this text, the members of this house do not close any door. “

A majority of 344 british parliament was not heard in that ear. On Monday, they will resume the discussions in order to find a way out before the 12 April. “This government will continue its efforts to achieve Brexit ordered as required by the outcome of the referendum,” says, for its part, Theresa May, with the faith of the coalman.

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