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In the coming week read might decide in the London house of Commons whether the United Kingdom on the 29. March with or without an agreement from the European Union outlet. The British members of Parliament for the so-called Brexit should be without an exit agreement with the EU will decide, this is likely to have far-reaching consequences for Germany and its trade with the UK. We have responded to ten scenarios that could occur after a hard Brexit.

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10000 companies in Germany, with the British legal form Ltd

companies in Germany that are listed in the British legal form of a Limited (Ltd), would be a Britain to leave the EU without agreement is wrong, estimates the Federal government. “In principle, limited must reckon with the German administrative seat in order to get your legal form after the Brexit deprived of”, to warn the chambers of industry and Commerce. You would have to convert, for example, in a GmbH and € 25,000 capital. Otherwise, it can be made to your founder of unlimited liability. Because if the Ltd is no longer recognized companies as legal persons, according to German law, instead, the natural persons behind it for any company debts. Currently, Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley is working on a conversion law.

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100 percent of the herring catch quota of German fishermen in British waters caught

German herring fishermen, their herring catch exclusively in British waters. With a hard Brexit, it was done so well, warns the German sea fisheries Association. Because the German ships would then have no access to the British waters, if the British would have no more access to the European single market.

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300000 German citizens live in great Britain

German in the United Kingdom are to be treated according to the Brexit as foreigners from third countries, and it is still unclear: you will Receive an unlimited work and residence permit? What happens when you spend professionally for more than 90 days in EU countries and in the home? You must now apply for a British passport? More and more Britons to do in Germany: In lower Saxony, 70 percent are currently participants in citizenship tests British. The number of naturalisations has increased from 81 in the year before the Referendum on 241 last year.

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9250 British pounds in tuition fees per year, German students have to pay in the future, a maximum of

Currently there are approximately 5,000 German Erasmus-programmes at British universities, which is until 2020, even without any study fees study. So there is a grandfathering for existing programs. But who in future, to include his studies in England, probably need to pay tuition fees, and as high as British students. A maximum of 9.250 pounds per year costs the state of British universities so far, on this sum, the British Ministry of education has capped the fees. Private universities cost a lot more.

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900 new customs officials to Germany for the transport of goods with great Britain

the German seaports, the customs will get soon more work, should it come to a hard Brexit. 900 new customs officers alone could set Germany, to the transport of goods to the UK. The lower Saxony economy, informed the Ministry recently. The Ministry of Finance confirmed higher expenses for the customs administration in its budget for 2019. The officials should work on the ports of Hamburg, Bremen, as well as at the airports of Leipzig, Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt. In spite of the new employees will undergo probably the most processing at many ports and airports significantly in the length. The main ferry port of Dover is expecting with 27 kilometers of traffic jam every day, if, in future, all UK Trucks have to get there before the ferries by the customs. Each third of the 46,000 in the Truck must then be handled.