Is there a regional solution for the future of the PCK refinery in Schwedt? The Brandenburg energy company Enertrag SE is currently in talks about joining the oil processing company – both are based in the Uckermark. Enertrag spokesman Matthias Philippi confirmed a corresponding report in the “Handelsblatt” on Wednesday.

“As a company based in Brandenburg and with roots there for many years, it is important to us that the location is preserved.” That is why the possibility of converting PCK to “green operation” based on green hydrogen is being examined, said the spokesman.

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That doesn’t happen overnight, but Enertrag is in talks with the factory and is trying to help find a solution. The spokesman declined to give any further details, citing ongoing talks. He also informed the “Handelsblatt”: One is currently in contact with the state government and the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Enertrag SE generates electricity and heat exclusively from renewable sources. According to the company, it operates 772 wind turbines and can use the electricity generated to cover the energy needs of 1.9 million people in a climate-neutral manner. Enertrag is one of the pioneers in the production of green hydrogen.

The Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, Michael Kellner (Greens), who also has his constituency in the Uckermark, had already shown confidence at the beginning of June that a “green refinery” could be developed in Schwedt. A lot of green electricity is available, there is a lot of space and a population that wants industrial settlements, said Kellner. In addition, highly competent staff are on site.

According to the “Handelsblatt”, the energy company Alcmene is also interested in taking over the PCK refinery, which until now has been majority owned by the Russian state-owned company Rosneft and processes Russian oil. According to the newspaper, biofuel entrepreneur Claus Sauter, CEO of Verbio, has also expressed an interest in PCK.

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The federal government has been looking for a solution for the future of the Schwedt refinery for weeks. According to insiders, the aim is to take the fourth-largest refinery in Germany out of Russian control. This also includes a possible nationalization. However, there is great concern that such a step would be met with retaliation from Russia, for example through lower gas supplies.

Schwedt plays a major role in supplying Berlin and the capital’s environs. In addition to the question of the future owner, there are currently plans as to how the refinery can be temporarily supplied with oil if there is an embargo on Russian oil in the EU.