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Even the Name, it was: Mallorca. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is wanted, with the TUIfly of Germany from tourists to the Canary Islands. But now the plane is not allowed to enter the country. On Tuesday at 16.40 PM, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer announced that airspace for all machines of this type. This was, he announced via Twitter: “From now on”. In fact, in power blocking for the Max fleet joined at 18.30. You will initially apply for three months.

the occasion of the second crash of an aircraft of this latest 737-Generation within a few months, on Sunday about Ethiopia. Although the cause of the misfortune up to the editorial deadline was not late Tuesday evening, the Minister, the risk of a third crash seems to be great. Other aviation authorities, including the British and the French, ordered an air space block. Hours after the Ministerial Directive, the European EASA followed and extended the flight ban on the entire continent.

Tens of airlines are already being affected. In Europe, Turkish Airlines uses the Boeing 737 Max, as well Icelandair, the low-cost airline Norwegian and TUIfly. “The airlines will be able to use the default routes in a very timely manner with other aircraft. But at the latest during the Easter holiday, it can come to bottlenecks,” says a senior Airline Manager.

the causes of The crash are not yet fully elucidated, the further reactions in the coming days and weeks as yet. However, already now the second crash draws attention to two fundamental developments in aviation: the economic risks of the manufacturer, and the increasing complexity of the aircraft. All the technology to make flying safer, but the effect is sometimes exactly the opposite.

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surprised The radical decision to lock down the airspace for the affected pilot, the whole industry. Of a “drastic step,” said the pilots ‘ Union Cockpit. “There’s a source engine,” says a flight accident investigators from Germany. “The 737 Max is actually a good plane.”

Boeing, The competition, the aircraft manufacturer

The air travel industry is dominated by the competition of two large companies, the new machines, develop and manufacture: Boeing and Airbus. Boeing is the world’s largest manufacturer of civil and military aircraft, 2018, the company implemented the equivalent of 90 billion euros. The European adversary Airbus came to 63 billion euros.

The profit of Boeing was in 2018, the equivalent of more than nine billion euros, Airbus earned three billion.

The US group losses at the time of writing, despite the recent share price of around 200 billion euros on the stock market value. Overall, Boeing has delivered in the past year 806 transport planes, six more than the European rival.

Boeing employs more than 153,000 new employees. That’s 20,000 more than is currently for Airbus work.