Shortly before the crash of a Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia, the automatic trim system MCAS should have been in use. This is according to a report in the Wall Street Journal to a provisional final report of the US investigators. Also in the crash of a Lion Air in Indonesia MCAS to have played a role.

The investigator relating to the evaluation of the flight recorder. During the last few days, experts from the U.S. evaluated the government of the Ethiopian government provided the Material and the conclusions of the US-aviation authority FAA submitted. The investigations are not yet completed. According to the report, it is the most significant indication that a malfunction in the trim system was for the crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

the engines of The Max-planes are. in comparison to earlier models of the 737-series is heavier and bigger In a climb it can, therefore, by the stronger thrust of the engines to the risk of a stall. MCAS to detect such a Situation and the nose of the aircraft automatically, press down, if there is too much buoyancy.

10. March, a 737-Max machine by Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after takeoff in Addis Ababa; the first in October, a plane crashed the same type of Indonesian airline Lion Air in front of the island of Java. In total, nearly 350 people died. Both machines were moved up to the Start with a very irregular trajectory and speed and then uncontrollably dropped. A number of countries have locked their airspace for the type of aircraft, including Germany.

In connection with the crash also accusations against the US-aviation authority FAA. You should not have tested the new model adequately, and part of the safety testing of Boeing outsourced. Relatives of passengers of the Ethiopian Airlines to operate machine filed in the United States, in the meantime, a lawsuit against Boeing. You throw the aircraft manufacturer to have not enough information about the risks of the MCAS system informed.