If Hannah Rose Dalton and Steve Raj Bhaskaran, both of them scrawny and bald, running through the streets of their hometown of Montreal, they are not to be overlooked. You wear a metal Mouth harnesses and latex clothing that you want to assign to the SM-fetish. Silicone boots that resemble deformed human feet. Lace wasp waist, on the any Victorian woman would have been jealous.

her elaborate Make-up makes you change like demons, zombie-like appearance. Dalton and Bhaskaran are figureheads of a new Anti-beauty trends of a sinister “Alien Glamour”: The American”Vogue” writes the enthusiastic portraits of the Duo, it’s called a Fecal Matter, on Instagram, half a Million people follow him almost.

Also, the British Drag Queen and makeup artist Salvia, which is on your instagram profile using prostheses, and digital post-processing time as a hunchback gnome, sometimes as a supernatural being with inhuman deformed extremities, with your whimsical-macabre appearance gained fame in the avant-garde fashion scene.

During the Paris fashion week, she transformed the Models at the Rick Owens Show, by means of false noses, and bump-like Auswucherungen to Mini-Me versions of themselves. The attribute “beautiful” can be difficult with the aesthetic programme of the artist associations.

Together, the Salvia and the canadian Duo have two things: her look can be described as a peculiar mix of E. T., the Gothic nobility and Sci-Fi mythical creatures. And: Through body modification, and digital post-processing, you are to futuristic, gender-less beings. The Human is in the deformed bodies are hard to see.

The effect of foreign, different, and raises in the viewer the question of whether we find what we see as innovative or brutal as a deterrent, and even disgusting. Nevertheless – or just therefore – is fascinated by the alien-looking artists hundreds of thousands, the fashion scene is celebrating you as a Trendsetter.

Anti-Beauty: the Trend for the spirit of the times

fits The strong Body Modification and the absurd TRANS-human staging that Salvia and Fecial Matters work, is a particularly radical Form of an “Anti-Beauty”movement, which is spreading in the social networks. Other hobby horses of the non-conforming beauty trends about the queer American Model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, the breaks on his instagram channel “Ugly World Wide” consistent with gender-compliant, the Western beauty ideal. Or the Berlin-based Performance artist, Hungry, and describes itself as “distortet” (distorted) a Drag Queen, because of its experimental appearance is on the outside of each of the binary codes. Instead of dentures, she uses Make-up for the modification of your face, or for the other singer Björk was 2017 for their Album “Utopia” in the typical style of the performer applying makeup.

may be As different as the approaches of individual actors, their appearance, the provocative is the end of a counter-model to the überperfektion exported the ideal of beauty of our time. In a decade, in the Beauty surgeries, Botox and Filler are normal become, in the Photoshop and Facetune will help to retouch every blemish from a photograph, of the young women by Contouring and art all lashes suddenly look the same, they are the rebellious opposition. The fall out from the Grid.

audio-visual platforms such as Instagram or YouTube are your amplifier. Because of the constant photo – and video flood perfect faces, the trigger no Emotion anymore, only who excited the viewer in any way – and a Pause in the endless Scrolling is achieved. The urge to crass self-change, can certainly be on the progressive individualization of the Individual and the exaggerated display of the modern selfie culture. Also the “Male Gaze”, the lecherous men look on the übersexualisierten, the female body, is shown by the polarizing different appearance of the virtual middle finger.

A Trend that is not a Trend

is not New strong body modification as a way of expression. From the anthropological point of view, this phenomenon is typical human, explains cognition researchers Claus-Christian Carbon: “The desire to take on new roles, to strengthen the body or to suppress it, has been around for at least 4000 years.” Native cultures in the Congo about the teeth filing, to look attractive – a Trend that is together with pointed-operated “elf ears” in the alternative Gothic scene popular.

the women of the Padaung hill tribe in the Southeast of Myanmar and Vietnam to wear heavy rings around the neck, the deformed, the shoulders in such a way that their necks seem to be extended. In China, little girls were 20 to ins. Century, the feet by the toes to break and Mount, so very deformed, that they were called Lotus feet – so no more club feet that Running long distances was possible.

in Ethiopia, based people of the Mursi is known for the lip plates of the female tribe members. Let your lower lip cut and teeth knocking out, a striking plate of clay can be used. Everything is painful, dysfunctional body modifications, which are provoked by external effects: covetousness and deterrence, danger and Power.

Actually, artists such as Salvia and Fecal Matter do nothing more than the deep Instinct of the people, by particularly strong physical changes of the Body to Express, to give in. Only the implementation of modern is What is used to be alone is painful, irreversible modifications possible, will now be achieved by digital post-processing and removable prostheses. Both tools were made possible by technical progress. The blurring of reality and virtuality that makes the phenomenon for us is novel.

diversity and acceptance

Salvia, Dalton, and Bhaskaran don’t want to shock, reflect, and provoke – but the claim to be Mainstream, is Carbon. However, the abnormal changes of such art figures look like our views of beauty more than we think, says the perception of researchers: “We adapt what we see, and build in the Seen someday as the Norm in our consciousness.”

think of Tattoos in the 20th century. Century mainly of sailors, Gang members and criminals. Today, a tattoo shocked at most by a particularly provocative subject – the Tattooed self has long been recognized by the society. “These productions have a positive impact on our future, because they help to accept a broad range of individual ideals of beauty,” explains Carbon. The surrealist body art to break norms and create social diversity.

Nevertheless, Carbon Body-Modifications, which are only due to dentures and a digital Masquerade possible to see, critical. They do not correspond to reality, the represented body of law would be biologically often not functional. The Problem: Although the viewer knows that it is a Manipulation, he can not escape, for example, an anorectic body image, artificially elongated limbs or an extremely thin waist. Subconsciously, the carbon research, show an adaptation of the Seen takes place – which can quickly lead to a standard shift and, ultimately, to a serious Emulation.

the man of the future Looks like?

you Can describe Salvia and Fecal Matter, which present themselves as beings from a completely different Dimension, as a TRANS-human beings? Looks like the mankind in the future? Dalton and Bhaskaran are convinced that the growing influence of social networks and technologies, at some point, everyone looked like her, they explained recently in “Vogue”. But so strange this aesthetic concept works, it’s just a Masquerade of prosthetics, Makeup and digital editing, which plays with the idea of the optical vision of the future people – not with its development. Thus, the alien-like art of the body are for the time being, only one thing: a “TRANS-human” fashion.

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