As the new X5 wasn’t big and imposing enough, after pushing the BMW in March of 2019 for the first Time, a X7. For prices from approximately 80,000 euros he then gives the 7-series on stilts and want to compete in the luxury League against models like the Cadillac Escalade, the for spring newly announced Mercedes GLS, and of course the Range Rover.

the Bayern put on more pomp and pageantry: the X7 is not just from the glue and is stretched compared to the X5, a further 23 centimeters to 5.15 meters. The kidney is a number bigger the wheels, there are up to 22 inches, and the ring, the car is festooned with more chrome jewelry than many a Christmas tree with Tinsel.

Inside, however, the BMW X7 will find it difficult, from the X5 to withdraw the current edition is easy – to-airs. Because there are plenty of lacquer and leather adorns just like the unusual haste of glass in two model series, and makes the end less of the pomp than of course the difference – and of which there are plenty. Not for nothing is the wheelbase grows from 2.98 to 3.11 meters.

The ranges in the second row for a convenient Bank or surcharge for two more comfortable Captain Chairs, and behind, for two more courses, which are no different than in the X5, only an Alibi, but in fact, even adults, at least at short distances can be used – even has its own USB Ports and its own climate zones. And like all other seats in the X7 also both of the folding chair to be moved in series three electric.

Almost only the trunk is, at least in the case of full Seating. Then only a meager 326 litres behind the as in the X5 horizontally split door. But when series three of you in the car floor, there are already 750 litres, and when all the seats lie flat, even 2120 liters.

of The 7 series under the SUV, this preference has also shifted the chassis developer. Like every BMW, the X7 wants to look sporty and drive, even if it weighs 2.3 tons. And like any luxury liner, he should be extremely comfortable, especially, if he is sold, especially in America.

The BMW X7, with V8, 462 HP, not for Europe

This balancing act, the Bavaria with a complex technology package: you build a progressive steering system and an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, there is the steering rear axle and anti-roll stabilisation. And like the X5, the X7 gets an air suspension on both axles.

So the electronics can’t compensate for only, depending on the load level, but in fact, the height of the structure by up to eight centimeters, and with it spring-way, and tolerance check: In sport mode, hard and short, with the comfortable Set-up is soft and long.

In the journey of three engines, all with three liters of engine displacement and six cylinders in a row bring him, first of all, the Only petrol engine in the X7 40i with 340 HP and 450 Nm, which comes in 6.1 seconds to 100 kph, 245 km/h is reached, and in the Mediterranean 8.7 liters consumed.

For us, the most common variant of the X7, 30d, 265 PS, 620 Nm, 7.0 seconds, 227 km/h and 6.5 liters in the list. And who is seriously my with luxury and performance, creates reaches for the M50d, which comes to 400 HP and 760 Nm, the balanced 2.3 tons in 5.4 seconds to 100 kph, as the Only 250 km/h and 7.0 litres specified.

So potent and pretentious, the X7 may not be that Bayern go down the road consistently to the end. Inside the Executive are lacking for the maximum comfort of the back benches-Seats from the 7 series sedan, and under the hood BMW has, apparently, afraid of their own Courage. Because the thoroughly revised V8 in the X7 50i only the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese, with its 462 HP, and the twelve-cylinder engine, the feature would be a real alone, not even the speech.

On the one hand, the incomprehensible, because both the seats and the motors are finished in the kit and the X7 is still a half-class upgrade might. But on the other hand, that may not be so stupid. Bayern secure the stock of another thick ship, which is in the group just made its debut. Because everything, what could be the X7, miss, provides Rolls-Royce for the Cullinan with great a matter of course – for four times the price.