History 26/01/20 “Black storks”: how to fight the most brutal “spooks” against the Soviet army

There are several versions about who actually were these “Black storks”. Some considered them criminals from the point of view of Islam, which should wash away their sins in the blood of infidels. Other – the special forces of the Mujahideen, trained Pakistani instructors. Others believe that it was the Pakistanis commandos.

What are the prototypes of the film “9 Rota”

the Commander of a special quick reaction brigade of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tajikistan, General Sukhrob Kasymov contended that “the Black stork” was composed of foreign mercenaries, and at one time they were under the command of Khattab. One of the participants of the operation “Magistral”, history where Fyodor Bondarchuk was used for the shooting of his film “9 Rota”, in 1988, guards senior Lieutenant of the airborne troops of Ivan Babenko recalled that he had asked his subordinates, who know Pashto and Farsi, to explain what these people are fighting in the units of the Mujahideen of “Cohadar” (“Black stork”).
Soldiers-Tadjiks explained: “cohadar” – they are criminals before God – murderers, thieves, etc. of Wine in front of Allah in the understanding of the ideologues of these groups were expiated by the blood of the infidels – Christians, in this case, soldiers of the Soviet army. Although, according to Babenko, the rabble of “cohadar” not like – that was clearly well-trained fighters. Height, where he entrenched company 9, was attacked by Mujahideen from three directions, the Marines in fact, as is shown in the movie, I had to call artillery fire on themselves, otherwise the position wouldn’t hold: in total, there were 12 attacks are reflected, and the number of attackers exceeds the number of soldiers of the company at least 10 times.

Universal soldiers

As told by a former officer of the GRU of the USSR Sergei Klimenkov, “Black storks” as sabotage unit was created by Gulbeddin by Hekmatyar and bin Laden from the notorious thugs whox hard cooked American and Pakistani instructors. AIST as a combat unit had to own small arms of all types, and skills of radio operator, miner, sniper. Such saboteurs is different from animal cruelty – captured Soviet soldiers and officers, they tortured so subtly that “black storks” is often compared to the Gestapo.
One of the most popular methods of warfare “Black storks” has been luring the enemy into the ambush, as happened with Mariarchi by Roth (1985, Konar province) or his environment (the battle near the village of Cognac, the 4th infantry company).

Their method of warfare

According to the memoirs of Sergeant of unit “Cascade” GRU of the USSR of Andrey Dmitrienko, a way of fighting the Mujahideen, “the Black stork” is strikingly different from those with which Soviet soldiers had to face before. Member of the battle on the hill Kazaoka said that “the spirits” there were two groups – one led continuous fire on positions of forces, not allowing them to stick out from their positions, and the second, meanwhile, was selected to the Soviet fortifications. Then they changed, and thus the shelling did not stop for a minute. And the “Black stork” used machine guns of Soviet production, in contrast to other parts of the “spirits” who fought with the Chinese and Egyptian “Kalashnikov”, is not able to conduct a precision shooting.
After making another breakthrough spooks, falling to the ground, actually blended in with the rocks, hiding camouflage dark green jackets with the head.
confirms Dmitrienko, subsequently, the staff of the intelligence center said the commandos: they are, according to militants destroyed 372 “storks”, commanded by Osama bin Laden. The leader of the “black storks” even in anger stomped his turban.

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