Bilzen, a Presenter, a camera operator, commentator, interviewer, and technician: Lars Rondags (22) from the Bilzen has it all. From december 2018 the knutselt side of his own voetbalprogramma ‘LR in Sports, and that he is football matches, in the provincial reports. He has reached thousands of viewers and is gaining rapidly in prominence in the Hilly way. “I have to earn it today and nothing, but a dream of this the other day, a full-time, to be able to do that.”

Lars has a masters degree in journalism at the ITEM. In the meantime, he learned to be perfect in general to speak English, and he can also be used in assembly techniques. “My story is a lot of sportverslaggevers”, he would tell his story. “I was kicked off the football team, of Rosmeer for the first time at a ball and dreaming of a successful career. I quickly realized that I was not cut out, but the passion has remained the same.”


all The football fanatic to put on during the FIFA games on the Xbox regularly, the volume is quiet so that he could record. So, he did the plunge for the first time as a commentator on it. “I was with my uncle since my first camera, been shooting football games. If I were to take pictures, now see it, is that it is really a sad thing. The image shook so hard that it barely allows players to distinguish themselves. Luckily, I switched quickly over to a hand-held camera, and I became more proficient in the craft. Last year, I decided to make my own program. It is a provincial football and deserves more respect.”