Berlin as a guest in Hanover. Economic Senator Stephan Schwarz (non-party, for SPD) did not want to miss this on Wednesday. Together with Stephan Franzke from the “Berlin Partner” business development agency, he looked at the stands of companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region at the Hanover Fair. An unmanned flying object greeted the senator at the start-up Diaven. The company produces software for drone flights. It was founded at the Technical University. The drones can be used for transport, says Managing Director Tim Fischer. For example, in the future medicines will be brought from the pharmacy to the patient.

This is less relevant in a metropolitan area like Berlin, but can be of help in rural areas. A drone should be able to transport a weight of around one kilogram over a distance of 25 kilometers. However, the biggest hurdles are above all the regulations in aviation, says the entrepreneur. Much has not yet been clearly clarified.

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The special service provider Seilpartner has specialized in the repair of rotor blades, for example of wind turbines. The company, founded in 1995, employs 25 people. Managing director Robert Jatkowski says that the use of new materials and a special technology has made it possible to save time and money.

The listed company Enapter deals with hydrogen. The climate-friendly energy source is produced using an electrolyser. This is expensive and usually very large special equipment. However, Enapter strategy chief Thomas Chrometzka presents an “electrolyser in microwave format”. The small machine is available for 8000 euros, this price should be reduced even further.

Several devices can be stacked on top of each other and connected to each other. In this way, small companies should also be able to produce hydrogen and gradually increase the quantity produced, explains Chrometzka. “It’s exciting how completely new markets are emerging there,” says the senator. That pleases Christian Pfeiffer from Deutsche Messe AG, the organiser.

In the pandemic year 2020 there was only one online trade fair, last year there was a hybrid event. However, the Chinese companies were missing. Because of the lockdowns, most of them have not been able to travel. Overall, the fair has significantly fewer visitors than in 2019.