The people in Berlin and Brandenburg will have to prepare for particularly high temperatures in the coming week. As reported by the German Weather Service (DWD) in Potsdam, the temperatures will rise from 21 to 25 degrees on Sunday to 27 to 30 degrees on Monday and between 32 and 36 degrees on Tuesday. Highs of between 33 and 38 degrees are even predicted for the middle of the week.

The sky, which was still overcast on Sunday, will increasingly clear up in the coming days. Especially Tuesday will be sunny. On Wednesday evening clouds will gather again from the west and between Prignitz and Havelland showers, thunderstorms with heavy rain, squalls and hail are not excluded.

In view of the expected temperatures, Brandenburg’s Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) called for the protection of people who are particularly at risk. “Especially older, chronically ill people or people in need of care, small children and pregnant women are at risk from heat stress,” warned the minister on Sunday. “I ask all Brandenburgers: Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings.”

The ministry warned that the long periods of heat caused by climate change have also had serious consequences in Brandenburg in recent years. The State Office for Statistics registered 111 heat deaths last year, more than twice the average number since 1985 (54). In 2020 there were 145 heat deaths and in 2019 there were 126. A sad record was reported in 2018 with 362 heat deaths.

Sufficient drinking of at least three liters of non-alcoholic liquids a day is the most important means of self-help, said the minister. “If you experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or even vomiting and impaired consciousness, you must take action because these are the first signs of impending heat stroke.”