He is said to have used a mobile phone charging cable several times as a dangerous tool against his partner at the time. According to the indictment, Wagih K. abused the woman and forced her to have sex. Allegations that the 31-year-old denied before the Berlin district court on Tuesday. He was innocent – “she wants revenge, she doesn’t want anything good for me,” explained the man from Tunisia.

The accused and the woman met in February 2016, and K. had come to Germany about a year earlier. He saw her for the first time at the wife of a colleague. They moved in together, the woman became pregnant, and in March 2019 the two had a daughter. “I did the housework, sometimes she helped,” said the accused. In 2019 he worked in gastronomy. “I worked, she never,” he scolded.

Did he hit his partner at the time? “I slapped her once,” he admitted. “There was no more respect.” However, he was drunk when his hand slipped. He didn’t like that she told her friend details about her relationship. “They whispered, I came, they stopped.” Then he slapped her. “I’m sorry.” She reported him.

The trial is not about a slap in the face: the charges are dangerous bodily harm, sexual assault and rape. Five alleged attacks that are said to have occurred in an apartment in Lichtenberg.

In April 2019 he hit the woman. “He used the mobile phone charging cable as a whip and hit the witness’s left leg, among other things,” the indictment says. In the next attack he wanted to force sexual acts. In the third case, he put a charging cable around her neck and pulled it “with intent to injure”. In another attack, he raped the woman after hitting her with a cable.

Wagih K. has a criminal record for assault and was in prison for a few months. What he suspects the woman’s revenge for, asked the presiding judge. “She wants my daughter all to herself,” the accused said. She’s afraid he could tell the youth welfare office how she’s dealing with her daughter – “she only breastfed her for two months,” he accused his ex-partner.

Was there violence against other women? Again the defendant started to rant. “We may have argued once,” he said. The names of several women are mentioned – former girlfriends of K., the relationships ended after a few months. K. admits that there was an incident with one of the women. “I was drunk, she insulted my mother, I slapped her and she slapped me,” he said.

Five more days of negotiations are planned for the process until August 1st.