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Christiane Schnura read has taken in an orange Camper van place. Since 40 years they have been accompanying the fortunes of the Bayer group, you hold a single stock, she says. The 61-year-old environmental activist and co-founder of the Coordination against Bayer-dangers (CBG) has made on the way from Düsseldorf to Bonn to attend the annual General meeting of the group to participate, declared to be the experts in the run-up to unanimously in a historic event.

Schnura is here because they want to show that it considers the Takeover of the controversial US-agricultural giant Monsanto by the Leverkusen-based group for a blunder of the first order. “It’s a disaster,” she says. “Bayer has made the maximization of profits over common sense.” The decision was ethically and people not legally justifiable.

CBG-Bus parked directly in front of the World Congress Centrum Bonn, in the Bayer AG invited its shareholders. The small forecourt is the scene of an Anti-Bayer spectacle. Beekeepers have the black placed in the yellow bins where dead mountain bee towers. Pan of your Smoker, from which gray smoke rises. On a stage rumble, farmers and NGO representatives against the group and its sales of pesticides, which would have, in many countries harm.

students have a holiday and to demonstrate the

Shortly after nine Fridays for Future mixes Demo between activists and the long queues of shareholders, some of which are reflected by adjacent bushes in order to escape the hustle and bustle. “System change, Yes, climate change no,” chant the protesters. Smugly, the speaker of the student notes demo: “It’s the holidays, and we are still here.”

the top of The company for the Bayer group doesn’t let it show. Chairman of the Board Werner Baumann Chairman of the Supervisory Board Werner Wenning knew what was coming up this Friday. For months, criticism of the purchase of Monsanto’s non-tears. The most important product of the US group is the weed killer glyphosate, the International cancer research Agency, IARC, the world health organisation as likely to cause cancer has classified.

In fiscal year 2018, the share of the pharmaceutical and agro – chemical giant had to accept a price fall of up to 40 percent. The company’s value is currently estimated at about 58 billion euros – barely more than the purchase of the US company’s cost. The two-year examination by the antitrust authorities took a toll on the executives of the Corporation, which was formed a few years ago, the top of the Dax, and is now probably the most serious crisis in its history, needs to survive.

this is the Latest accused since the first decision by a U.S. Jury in matters of glyphosate in October 2018 and the CEO, Werner Baumann, to have the legal risks of the acquisition to be underestimated. 78 million US dollars to pay for Bayer at the cancer Dewayne Johnson. In the case of Edwin Hardeman, there are a further 80 million. Bayer hopes in both cases, the appellate rehabilitated. So far, Bayer has provided to its own information of 600 million euros for litigation costs in terms of glyphosate.

12,000 jobs way

fall In the wave of lawsuits comes only gradually into the roles, how the Board has to say. Meanwhile, about 13,400 lawsuits in the United States, in Canada, a class action lawsuit was in preparation, must give Baumann. 12,000 jobs in the world are mined, alone, about 4,500 of them in Germany. The crash cushion is now sold to individual lines of business and Treasury shares are bought back.

But not only that. Also, the environmental footprint of the group has deteriorated drastically: The CO2 Emission was increased by 50 percent. The Monsanto Deal, which has made Bayer the world’s market leader in the field of agro-chemistry, from the point of view of analysts is a long-debacle.

“think of It: The fate of a German company is in the hands of the U.S. Department of justice,” says Marc Tügler, managing Director of the influential German protection Association for securities holding (DSW), which represents some of the millions of investors. The group and its shareholders would have been alienated. “There are two trains that are popping each other,” says Tügler. “On the one hand, the emotions of the disappointed investors, on the other hand, the analytical and data-driven management Board.”

In his speech, the CEO of Baumann is clarified. Yes, it had been a difficult year. He apologized for the losses, but the business objectives had been achieved. The Acquisition of Monsanto and the possible liability risks by the glyphosate business are comprehensively tested.