We will still speak of Europe after the european elections of may 26 ! This will be in Avignon, in the largest theatre festival in the world. And it is with a luxury casting as the stage director Pascal Rambert, will discuss the history of the Old Continent in the cour d’honneur of the Popes palace : Emmanuelle Béart, Jacques Weber, with Denis Podalydès, Audrey Bonnet, Marina Hands, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Laurent Poitrenaux, Arthur Nauzyciel, Pascal Rénéric and Stanislas Nordey.

This piece, entitled “Architecture,” is a metaphor of the european family, ” explained the director of the event Olivier Py, during the presentation of the program. “A european family torn apart, who could imagine what she wanted to be, and before collapsing in on itself. “Any resemblance to actual facts as the Brexit and the european crisis will not be pure coincidence ! The piece will focus on a period from the Nineteenth century until the First world War. Europe will also be honored in other shows (there are 43 in all), including Us, Europe, banquet of the peoples, on a text by Laurent Gaudé. “It is a matter of questioning what we want to be in this territory and with the populations that make up Europe “, explains the specialist of musical theatre Roland Auzet.

For the rest of the programming ” in “, to which shall be added the hundreds of parts from the ” off ” who knows a growing success, you will get : Milo Rau, who was tops last year and this year the second installment of his Story(s) of the theatre where he talks about the ballet, congolese Faustin Linyekula from the congo, who was so fascinated in his youth ; two pieces from Brazil, Christiane Jatahy, that is the result of his Ithaca and, once again, is going to mix theatre and film. It will show the ” testimonies collected in Palestine, Lebanon, Greece and Brazil taken from his journeys, and discuss the Amazon, and the fears of destruction of the forest under the presidency of the populist Jair Bolsonaro. The Amazon is an object of ecological and poetic “, said Olivier Py. The other brazilian shows will be music, Tiganá Santana, censorship and colonization.

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Serebrennikov remote

The fil rouge of this edition 2019 will be “the Odyssey, the Odyssey probably, rather, because we can read this great poem of Homer is very different,” says director of the Festival. Tradition of the Festival, the ” soap opera “, a show on several days in the open air, is entrusted to the director Blandine Cobbler who runs the Odyssey of Homer in 13 acts.

Among the other works expected, Kirill Serebrennikov, who has so much marked at the Cannes film Festival with its magnificent Leto on the revolution in rock music in Leningrad in full communism. Assigned to residence in Moscow for two years for an obscure case of misappropriation of funds, Serebrennikov will be a star very likely absent. But the enfant terrible of the cultural environment of moscow will be the direction, distance from Outside (” Outside “, a title rather successful, because it is very ironic in view of the situation of the Russian !), as it has already done for an opera mounted in Hamburg. The part of Kirill Serebrennikov is based on the chinese photographer Ren Hang, censored for his work and hosea who committed suicide at 29 years old in 2017.

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Two other shows evoke China and the dissent. Masterpiece of chinese literature, The tea House of the great writer Lao She, one of the first victims of the cultural Revolution, will be directed by Jinghui Meng, and the choreographer, chinese Wen Today is teaming up with the Czech Jana Svobodova to mount Ordinary People, “a strong political will to hear the voices of those who are destitute,” according to Olivier Py.

Youth talent and innovation

Four young directors are on the menu : Clément Bondu with Devotion, which speaks of a poet who calls in his room all the exiles of the world ; and Julie Duclos with Pelléas and Mélisande by Maeterlinck ; Maëlle Poesy with his version of the Aeneid of Virgil and Tommy Milliot, who staged The Breach, a text by Naomi Wallace on the rape of a teenage girl. The film director committed Irène Bonnaud took the last scenario of Pasolini, he has not been able to turn before his assassination : Friendship, history, extravagant a king is a mage who arrives too late to see the Christ. Macha Makeïeff is inspired by Lewis Carroll, and Daniel Jeanneteau a text by the british playwright Martin Crimp. And Henri-Jules Julien puts them face-to-face the Oriental and the Western in Mahmoud and Nini.

Finally, next dance, the Uk’s Akram Khan is the second court of honor with Outwitting the Devil, on the man who destroyed the planet and his fellow countryman Wayne McGregor, who will create a show “autobiographical” in the spirit of its chromosomes. All in all, there will be 280 sunrises curtain and about 112 000 entries sold on the Internet from the 11th of June next. With two new features very convenient for festival-goers. Glasses overage experimental, which will be available for people in situations of disability or to choose a foreign language. Finally, an application will inform the users in real-time spaces available for the Avignon ” in “, then it already exists for the ” off “. “It helps to geolocation for moving from one room to another and can be on waiting lists from one show to follow. It is an offer connected to a public that is increasingly connected “, welcomes Olivier Py.

Download the program of the Festival in ” of Avignon 2019. The tickets will be on sale from the 11th of June 2019.

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