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It belongs to the traditions of the American policy establishment, that the cause of scandals to a Rapport to be loaded before the Congress read. This parliamentary Tribunal is expected soon, the Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. After within a few months, two planes of the type 737 Max 8 crashing with hundreds of people on Board, Muilenburg must make public the economic Committee of the US Senate to ask critical questions to their own company policy.

In this unpleasant Situation, it helps, perhaps, to see familiar faces in the room. And there are some. For example, John Keast, chief of staff to the Committee. Keast was until December of last year, Boeing Lobbyist in Washington before he took up his new job in Congress. Now he works for the Board, to reappraise the possible errors of his former clients.

Boeing maintains one of the most influential lobby apparatus

To the members of the Committee should entertain Muilenburg also good contacts, as the company donates lavishly to members of Congress of both parties. Approximately 54,000 dollars a with Boeing associated lobby organization has transferred during the past year, for example, of Senator Maria Cantwell. Cantwell is Chairwoman of the Democrats in the economic Committee and leads the list of the recipients of our donations from Boeing by a wide margin. But other members of the Committee received the generous donations of the aerospace and defence company.

this is not Surprising. Boeing, among the most influential lobby apparatus in the U.S. policy holds. $ 274 million, the company from Chicago has invested in recent years in the political influence and is in tenth place in the lobby rankings of the Center for Responsive Politics. Last year alone, Boeing indirectly donated more than $ 15 million to U.S. politicians and institutions. Vice versa, the company is advertising with preference to government employees. 87 of 117 lobbyist of the group have previously worked for the U.S. government. Observers speak of a revolving door effect.

Trump received money from Boeing

adopted Just recently Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, a Job as a member of the Supervisory Board at Boeing. The acting Minister of defence, Patrick Shanahan worked for more than 30 years for Boeing. Despite the Jobwechsels Shanahan seems to feel his former employer is still connected. According to a report by US newspaper Politico, the Pentagon’s chief in-house meetings praised the military aircraft of his former employer regularly exuberant. Products of the Competitor Lockheed Martin Shanahan criticize, however, it is said.

A friend of the company at the top of the Pentagon may pay off for Boeing strategically. The company achieved in 2017 to approximately 21 billion dollars from government contracts, equivalent to about 22 percent of the net proceeds.