Before the meeting of EU interior ministers, Austria proposed outsourcing the examination of asylum applications to third countries. “It would be a good solution in the future to send migrants back from the EU to third countries and have their asylum applications checked there,” said Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) of the “Welt” in the Wednesday edition. “Anyone who is not entitled to protection must return to their country of origin,” he demanded.

On the other hand, those who have a right to asylum receive protection in the EU. “In return, we could support our cooperation partners in third countries economically. However, some European laws would have to be changed for this and it must also be clear: This solution can only come about if all EU countries agree,” said the minister before the EU taking place on Thursday -Meeting of interior ministers.

The proposal is similar to what Britain will do next. On the basis of an agreement signed in April, the British government plans to bring the first asylum seekers to Rwanda next week. The first flight to the East African landlocked country is scheduled for June 14, as Interior Minister Priti Patel announced at the end of May. Rwanda is to receive around 140 million euros in return for admission.