In the UK, the money spent on crowned heads essentially comes from two pockets: that of the royal family and that of the taxpayers. While the royal family foots the bill when it comes to weddings, the coronation is a matter of state. How much will the cost of the ceremony, the reception and, above all, the security surrounding the event be for Her Majesty’s subjects? While waiting for the government to reveal the amount of the bill, various pundits have speculated in the British media that the coronation of Charles III could cost more than double that of Elizabeth II.

Cost of Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953: $77 million*

Estimated cost of Charles III’s coronation in 2023 according to The Guardian: $170 million

The coronation will not only have a cost. It will also have significant economic benefits which will be counted in millions of pounds sterling.

414 million: souvenirs and other commemorative items

95 million: champagne, wine, beer and spirits at festive gatherings across the country

327 million: income from restaurants and bars, and especially pubs, which will be able to close two hours later than usual during the coronation weekend (1 a.m. instead of 11 p.m.)

Estimated value of the Crown Jewels collection by UK appraisers in 2019. These precious, centuries-old objects, owned by the state and ceremonially loaned to monarchs, are on public display at the Tower of London .

$303 million: The Royal Family also has several gems in its personal collection, including these diamonds that Queen Elizabeth II wore as a brooch and will be incorporated into the crown that Queen Camilla will wear.

Proportion of Britons who agree with the statement:

To distribute portraits of Charles III in British public institutions