(Montreal) Health authorities have recorded seven new deaths linked to COVID-19, according to the latest report, which also reports an increase in hospitalizations.

Of the seven deaths announced on Wednesday, only one occurred in the past 24 hours. Another dates back two to seven days, and five to more than seven days.

Since the start of the pandemic, 18,286 Quebecers have lost their lives after contracting the disease.

After a relative stabilization in the last few days, hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 have started to rise again, with a total of 1,224, including 391 due to the disease. This is an increase of 21 since the previous day.

In intensive care, the number of patients has remained stable since the day before at 33. Among them, 15 are treated specifically in connection with the disease.

The new cases remain in the same waters as usual, at 411, but this data is always to be taken with a grain of salt given the limited access to screening centers. Quebecers also reported 25 positive rapid tests for the day on Tuesday.

On the vaccination side, 2,701 Quebecers received a dose on Tuesday.