The political aftermath of several crises between Turkey and Germany: The Federal government has approved, in 2018, much less arms exports to Turkey. The answer of the German Federal Ministry for economic Affairs, on a request of the left party. Accordingly, the Federal government approved 2018 58 supplies to the Nato partners for 12.9 million euros. In the previous year, the export volume was 34.2 million, almost three times as large. In 2016, the export value was even 83.9 million euros.

meanwhile, that has occurred in the German-Turkish relations are not affected, therefore, the approval practice of the Federal government for arms supplies. The main reason is likely to be the invasion of Turkish troops in Syria to fight the Kurdish militia YPG a year ago. Also Leopard 2 battle tanks were used from German production.

The German-Turkish relations were strained after the failed coup attempt in 2016, for a long time – partly because of the detention of several German citizens for political reasons. This Saturday is the release of the world journalist Deniz Yücel, marks the anniversary, for the first Time. Since then, it has improved the relationship between the two countries.