The iPhone, Apple’s most important product, is weakening, but the US group still comes in its usual billions in profits. For other products, from the iPad to the Apple Watch, and business services. So Apple earned last quarter of almost 20 billion dollars, almost as much as in the prior-year quarter, even though sales fell by five percent to 84.3 billion dollars.

The sales alone with iPhones fell year on year by around 15 percent to nearly 52 billion dollars. The Smartphone brought still around 61 percent of Apple’s revenue – otherwise it were but more than two-thirds. CEO Tim Cook said the decline, especially with the unexpectedly weak sales of the iPhone in China, now the world’s largest smartphone market.

But also the strength of the Dollar, the more expensive Apple products in some regions, and fewer subsidies from mobile operators have played a role, said Cook. So last less than half of the Smartphones sold by the network operators had been subsidized in Japan – a year ago, there were still three-quarters. To counteract this, Apple wants to make it easier to give older devices in payment, and the price increases to cushion the Dollar is strong in some countries more than in the past for the consumer. Nevertheless, the group expects for the current quarter of a year with less revenue than in the prior-year quarter.

New scale iPhone users

As previously announced, the price of Apple has no more information about sales numbers or the average Unit. The new benchmark for the company is, how many Smartphones were sold in one quarter, but the first mention of the number of 900 million users of iPhone. The decision had been criticized by analysts in many cases. However, the smartphone market leader, Samsung, on Thursday an insight into the Christmas quarter, it publishes its sales numbers.

service business, and includes the storage service iCloud, the streaming service Apple Music and the group’s share of Revenue from App sales, meanwhile, 10.9 billion dollars, an increase of 19 percent on the prior-year quarter. In the long faltering iPad sales increased with the new, more expensive Per-model by 17 percent to 6.7 billion dollars. The division with the computerized watch, Apple Watch,, the speaker of the HomePod, and other devices, such as the AirPods headphones increased sales by as much as a third to $ 7.3 billion. The deal with Macintosh computers rose by eight per cent on the previous best value of 7.4 billion dollars.