Apple and the chip group Qualcomm have settled their two-year-long patent dispute. All of the world’s current mutual lawsuits would be dropped, according to the company. The dispute had been before the German courts held. Apple is going to make a payment to Qualcomm. In addition, a patent agreement, for an initial period of six years to complete. More precise terms have not been disclosed.

The comparison to see that the six-year patent deal may be extended for a further two years. In addition, there is a multi-year agreement for chip deliveries. Apple gets a possibility of faster devices for the new 5G wireless data. Qualcomm is primarily known as a leading provider of Smartphone Chips known. The patent licenses are the second mainstay for the group.

The agreement has made a surprisingly well-known. On Monday, a process had begun in San Diego, California to a multibillion-dollar lawsuit by Apple against Qualcomm. Apple had accused the chip manufacturer, its dominant position in the Smartphone Chips to take advantage of, by it is equal to two Times pay: for the first Time when purchasing the Chips, the second Time in the Form of license fees on the sale of each iPhone.

Qualcomm, in turn, Apple stopped with legal means, the prices for the Chips press. The bitter dispute of the long-term Partner had started at the beginning of 2017 with a lawsuit from Apple in the US against Qualcomm and was then discharged in other countries, including Germany. There, Qualcomm has filed several lawsuits against Apple.

Apple and Qualcomm’s deal of the week-long process

the process started it goes to a lawsuit by Apple from the year 2017. The process was scheduled to run for four to five weeks. It was expected that top executives like Apple CEO Tim Cook and Qualcomm CEO Steve minor head will be called to the stand.

Apple had been disrupted because of Qualcomm’s patent licenses demanded a share from the price of the entire device instead of just from the price of the individual components. Qualcomm professional animals also unjustified price increases, which went on its own inventions by Apple. In addition, Qualcomm, the Chip would refuse to grant competitors such as Intel patent licenses. Qualcomm argues, since there is a Portfolio of patents for a lot of different technologies, whether it is reasonable, the price of the device for the calculation of the licenses.

Qualcomm ban, able to obtain for his actions last December a sale for some of the older iPhone in Germany. Apple bypassed it by the fact that the country and sold devices, communication chips from Qualcomm instead of Intel.