The Associated Press has made a veteran statistics journalist whose work has pushed a number of the news cooperative’s top investigative tales lately into the Place of Information editor

NEW YORK — Justin Myers, a veteran information journalist whose work has pushed a number of the top rated investigative stories completed by The Associated Press in recent decades and now has recently helped spearhead automation projects over its worldwide newsroom, has been promoted into the position of information editor for the information combined.

Within this function, he’ll manage the information analysts on the information group and manage the group’s data-driven collaborations with colleagues and editors throughout AP and its associate news organizations.

“Justin’s demonstrated capacity to handle complicated data jobs and turn editorial vision in to technical and journalistic accomplishment is what AP should push its information journalism ahead,” explained Troy Thibodeaux, the AP’s data science and information software editor.

Myers combined the information team five decades ago as AP’s initial automation editor. In that situation, he worked together with groups around AP to discover strategies to take repetitive work out of their way and assist AP’s journalists concentrate on the journalism.

Myers directed the 2018 automation attempts around VoteCast, producing both text and images that could be generated at the push of a button. He’s also supplied data analysis and technology on a few of AP’s biggest investigative and engineering jobs, for instance, large-scale investigation to abusive priests from 2019 and Russian hacking out of 2017.

In addition, he helped spearhead AP’s information group’s move into the cloud, making a stronger infrastructure for information programs along with a toolkit for large data analysis employed in the 2020 election.

Myers is now part of several AP journalists throughout the globe who behave as”addition winners,” ensuring the organization’s journalism includes voices from all corners of society and serves an assortment of audiences.

Myers is a 2011 graduate of this University of Missouri with double degrees in electrical science and engineering and a minor in mathematics. Before that, he had been a news programmer with PBS NewsHour.

He starts his new job immediately.

“I can not wait to find out what he can in the new function.”