The authorities in the Bahamas say that there are still some 2,500 people are missing after the devastating storm Dorian, which in the previous week on the islands to me.

so far, fifty of the dead will be counted. It is expected that the death toll will continue to rise. According to the United nations, are by 76.000 people were left homeless.

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as The storm swept the northern part of the Bahamas. The Abaco islands are a dozens of people died as a result. In the Grand Final, fell at least eight dead. The damage is huge. Homes have been destroyed and large areas were flooded.

With the number of missing persons set up by the authorities, however, that these figures have yet to be audited must be in place. The data should still be in addition to any other overheidslijsten may be made, for example, people who have already been evacuated from the islands.