Louvain, protesting against the planned co-operation between the Paridaensinstituut, Sint-Pieterscollege, and of the Holy Drievuldigheidscollege takes a stark form. After that, there is a zitstaking was organized at Sint-Pieterscollege example, there is also a window in the Paridaensinstituut.

The recently announced collaboration between the three of Louvain, catholic schools, and for the first year, starting in september of 2021, it falls in the bad ground with the students. Well, in the Holy Drievuldigheidscollege (HDC) and the Sint-Pieterscollege (SPC), there were fun activities including a zitstaking. In the late afternoon we went with a group of students from the HDC to the SPACE where they are in line with the zitstaking on the site. A small group of angry students, but also to the Paridaensinstituut. For the young people to enter the building, and destroyed some window panes. How do the teachers react to the announcement of a partnership agreement between the three schools was not entirely clear, but some of them are already connected to the lack of understanding about the plans for a single-wide eerstegraad to organize, starting in 2021. The group will be correctly displayed for the emotional response. “The zitstaking at the Sint-Pieterscollege, on the initiative of the students was relatively calm,” says Hans Luyten, president of the group. “The anger of the students and the teachers are easy to understand.”